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longest marriage ends

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PeedOffWithNits Fri 04-Sep-09 12:10:15

aw, sad

what a lovely sweet old couple - imagine being together that long!!!


mustrunmore Fri 04-Sep-09 12:13:12

Imagine losing someone after that long together sad

PeedOffWithNits Fri 04-Sep-09 12:15:48

I expect she will pine away and follow him soon, such a culture shock and all that sad

hayes Fri 04-Sep-09 12:17:16

that is really very sad

SausageRocket Fri 04-Sep-09 12:21:58

nice story.

We all have to die sometime, peacefully at 101 with 81 (presumably) happy years of marriage behind you is not a bad way to go, imo.

OrmIrian Fri 04-Sep-09 12:24:14

How the hell do you carry on alone after that sad.

NormaSknockers Fri 04-Sep-09 23:15:24

That's so sweet & so sad at the same time

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