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front page metro today

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madeindevon2 Wed 26-Aug-09 16:13:10

man fradulently claims vast sums from employer in false expenses.
gets caught.
blames second wife.....and pressure to support her "luxury lifestyle"...needed 15k a month apparently!

edinburger Wed 26-Aug-09 18:19:34

I found that hilarious, "it wasn;t my fault, it was her, she made me" fgs

He was already on a "six figure salary" How much money do you need.

Is scary that someone who is presumabely a qualfied accountant and therefore a respected professional can behave in that way.

AnnieLobeseder Wed 26-Aug-09 18:22:48


Poor little man, being bullied by his wife. I'm oozing sympathy, me....

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