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Don't know if this should go here or Telly Addicts, but they're cancelling Big Brother!

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Bleh Wed 26-Aug-09 13:08:45


It's about time. I for one wish they'd never started the ridiculous show, but anyway. It's all over now.

Wonderstuff Wed 26-Aug-09 13:10:33

Good, bloody stupid programme.
Annoys me that it dominates the schedule all summmer every bloody year.

notnowbernard Wed 26-Aug-09 13:11:09

What mid-series?

Or this is the last one ever?

whomovedmychocolate Wed 26-Aug-09 13:11:49

Oh thank god! I've never managed to watch it. Mind you what will Jeremy Kyle fans watch at night instead? grin

squeaver Wed 26-Aug-09 13:12:12

No they're doing one more series on Channel 4 next year.

Someone else may well do it after that eg Sky

Paolosgirl Wed 26-Aug-09 13:13:28


Does that mean we'll also see less of the madly irritating, gurning Davina McColl?

violethill Wed 26-Aug-09 13:50:54

It had its day.

First couple of series were interesting, felt genuine, and threw up a few really pleasant candidates.

Then it quickly deteriorated into a platform for boring, thick unattractive people to try to make a fast buck.

Jimmychasesducks Wed 26-Aug-09 14:17:14

how nice to read some good news

bronze Wed 26-Aug-09 14:19:00

they should stop this year 10 being a nice round number

shinyshoes Wed 26-Aug-09 14:44:14


Can't stand the programme, this won't please my sister though she loves it. grin

UnquietDad Wed 26-Aug-09 14:50:16

Hooray! About bloody time. I can't believe they are wringing one MORE series out of it!

There is very, very little in TV which can survive more than 5 years without some major changes in format. It's just been going nowhere since about Series 4.

lal123 Wed 26-Aug-09 14:53:05

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not another series next year!!???

GreensleevesFlouncedLikeAKnob Wed 26-Aug-09 14:53:47

best news I've had all day

it's like the fucking colosseum, should have been banned years ago

dread to think what they will think up next though...

UnquietDad Wed 26-Aug-09 14:54:22

We're about 10 years away from "The Running Man"...

Rindercella Wed 26-Aug-09 14:55:28

About fecking time. Only about 9 years too late.

GreensleevesFlouncedLikeAKnob Wed 26-Aug-09 14:58:34

I'd forgotten about The Running Man shock

scary film

midnightexpress Wed 26-Aug-09 15:00:20

Perhaps they could just leave them in there and not televise it?

UnquietDad Wed 26-Aug-09 15:01:13

Heh-heh... I wrote a short story with that very premise.

Squidmission Wed 26-Aug-09 15:29:17

Hooray! Its really rubbish.

Though I think they should keep the celebrity one.

flamingtoaster Wed 26-Aug-09 15:31:46

About time - the first couple were fine, but then it became the haunt of the untalented wanting to break into television, etc.

UnquietDad Wed 26-Aug-09 15:33:00

The first one was best, when they had no idea what was likely to be going on in the outside world, or whether anyone even cared.

dittany Wed 26-Aug-09 15:34:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

waitingforfanjo Wed 26-Aug-09 15:55:05

Agree with violethill and flamingtoaster. First series was interesting, the contestants didn't have a clue whether everyone or no-one was watching & it felt more like a genuine social experiment. Now it's full of wannabes and it's just too contrived.

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