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'victim blame' retracted in a case in the US. Bitter sweet justice.

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monkeytrousers Sat 22-Aug-09 10:57:42

dingdong05 Sun 23-Aug-09 00:21:45

oh. my. goodness.
fucking hell! it sounds like the insurance dropped the claim when they found out the crime, but who started the whole thing off? what twat thought that was ok?

Mumcentreplus Sun 23-Aug-09 00:34:47


CalypsoFlame Sun 23-Aug-09 19:02:26

Good god, what an horrible tactic

StripeySuit Mon 24-Aug-09 16:59:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeedOffWithNits Tue 25-Aug-09 18:14:10

poor woman and poor kids, I hope they all get the counselling they need

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