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Marchioness - twenty years

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cherryblossoms Thu 20-Aug-09 21:23:33

Love and thoughts to all of you whose lives were touched, in any way, by this.

sofatuber Thu 20-Aug-09 21:25:39

cherry blossoms,, were you touched? And bless you for remembering

cherryblossoms Thu 20-Aug-09 21:39:27

Yes, dh was invited along, a bit randomly, and was so lucky (an, i suppose, so was I). He was my friend, then, and I remember the long, long wait before we found out he was safe.

I'm guessing you weren't so lucky.

I was thinking of you all today. I really hope your life has been filled with lots of love. Just wanted to make it clear that we are remembering. Just a way of holding a hand over the years, I suppose. And realise what it means that I have that hand to hold.

(Sorry. A bit nonsensical. Maybe a bit intense.)

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