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Went on DM to see when the next 'feature' will be out and...

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AntdamnTheDM Wed 19-Aug-09 10:22:02

all of the 'stories' on the site say by Daily Mail reporter. No names of journalists displayed.

Is it usually like this?

Or are they hiding the names of folk from now on??

dizzymare Wed 19-Aug-09 10:24:49

I'll give them a story if they really need one, I could do with the cash. That should wipe the stupid grin of H's faceangry

edam Wed 19-Aug-09 10:31:13

There are plenty of stories with by-lines. 'by a <insert newspaper title> reporter' using means it's agency copy or sometimes that they've lifted it from elsewhere (although usually they put their own reporter's name on those).

Dizzy, good luck persuading the Mail to run your story but you will still need a journalist to write it.

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