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Nice ham anyone?

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GrapefruitMoon Mon 17-Aug-09 08:29:34

in the news today

I see they suggest chicken as an alternative but personally I think it's even more likely to be full of nasties... (unless you lovingly roast an organic one yourself of course, purely for the dcs sarnies!)

LilyOfTheMountain Mon 17-Aug-09 08:32:52


We eat laods, though its 'nice' ham from a butcher.

The boys cant eat dairy (so no cheese), amrmite is too salty, tuna full of e,rcury

That's it! I'm giving them vitamin tablets, lard and a daily enema! Anything else is too risky

differentDM Mon 17-Aug-09 08:35:40

If we paid attention to everything the experts said, nobody would eat or drink anything.
They also have the gall to wonder why people develop eating disorders as well!

LilyOfTheMountain Mon 17-Aug-09 08:37:19

DS1 has an eating disorder and absolutely it is related to his SN understanding of the food rules

oopsagainandagain Mon 17-Aug-09 08:38:27

I can relate to that, Lily...

GrapefruitMoon Mon 17-Aug-09 08:50:56

Apparently it's just been on Newsround on CBBC so ds1 now feels he has justification for having exactly the same sandwich every single day (cheese)!

Grandhighpoohba Mon 17-Aug-09 09:41:42

FFS, next thing they'll be telling me not to pack them a ciggie and a whiskey chaser too.

What a load of bollocks.

TsarChasm Mon 17-Aug-09 10:12:25

Good grief..the poor old packed lunch doesn't half come under fire these dayshmm

Oh well, something else for the schools to 'ban' no doubt...I'm running out of ideas.

Maybe one small alfalfa sprout hand picked on the day of consumption and glistening with morning dew alongside two mung beans will be ok...?

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Aug-09 10:18:04

So what exactly are we allowed to feed them these days then? It's all very well for them to bleat on about how we should be making the effort to give them a healthy lunch, but what if they won't eat salad, or yoghurt, or whatever is now meant to be "healthy"?

Chamomile Mon 17-Aug-09 10:28:47

I am really annoyed at them aiming this advice specifically at children's lunchboxes.
Ds heard it on newsround (after I had made his ham sandwiches )and was worried about it. He doesn't like cheese and is going to get pretty sick of tuna after a week.

GentleOtter Mon 17-Aug-09 10:32:25

Right, is it just me or are the powers that be out to kill the pork industry?
Do they not credit us with any common sense at all? Perhaps if food manufacturers stopped adding needless crud to the products then people could eat ham or other sliced meats without having cancer scares thrown at them by the media.
Several lifelong vegetarians are now at the helm of the Food and Agriculture Dept and I'm sure it is no coincidence that we are now being pressured into their life choice. (And I say that as a vegetarian of 35 years).

CyradisTheDMSlayer Mon 17-Aug-09 12:19:37

Message withdrawn

MmeLindt Mon 17-Aug-09 12:25:41

LOL at the charity's children's education manager called Marni Craze.

I am sure there are worse thing to put in a child's lunchbox than ham. My two don't like cheese and I don't always have half a chicken in the freezer.

Grandhighpoohba Mon 17-Aug-09 14:41:00

Following these rules may not make you live longer, but it will certainly make it feel longer. grin

Wasn't there a study a while back that showed that being overly worried about food and eating healthily increased the risk of an early death... sure I read that somewhere.

Oh and I'm sure they have already said no to tuna, mercury levels or something. Its rediculous.

BadgersArse Mon 17-Aug-09 14:42:48

i coined the nice ham phrase

<takes apllause>

GrapefruitMoon Mon 17-Aug-09 14:43:45

Do I owe you royalties?

notwavingjustironing Mon 17-Aug-09 14:51:10

Technically though, Badger, is it not the intellectual copyright of the person who left the list in the trolley wink ?

BadgersArse Mon 17-Aug-09 14:52:21

no i think it was from mn posters syaing give people " nice ham" to eat with their antipasti and eton fucking mess

notwavingjustironing Mon 17-Aug-09 14:54:00


dexter73 Mon 17-Aug-09 16:45:59

We have "thick ham" which must be the same as "nice ham"!

flimflammum Mon 17-Aug-09 17:05:31

It's not the 'powers that be', it's the media on a slow news day trying to fill space, based on something written by the 'children's education manager' of one of many cancer charities trying to justify her existence. It's white noise.

FlyMeToDunoon Mon 17-Aug-09 17:14:33

DD1 has eaten a ham sandwich for 4 days out of five almost every school week for the last 5 years.
She is very picky!
I may as well start lashing myself with a spiky now and carry on for the rest of my life in penance.
I heard them recommend houmous instead this morning on the radio. But surely that is high in fat and salt?
<<whimpers in a corner>>

PeedOffWithNits Mon 17-Aug-09 17:24:27

FlyMe - my friend and her DH got food poisoning really badly from shop bought houmous, so I hope if you do give them that its home made??

FlyMeToDunoon Mon 17-Aug-09 17:27:12

Oh I don't think it will be a problem as she doesn't like houmous anyway.

TitsalinaBumsquash Mon 17-Aug-09 17:29:32

So is there a problem with "Ham" that i give my kids, as in a joint brought from the butcher than sliced? Does that count?
We dont eat the crap square stuff anyway, my DSs love a Ham and Cucumber sandwich.

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