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201 service men/woman now killed in afgan.

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yada Sun 16-Aug-09 11:10:44

so sad sad

was reading the news on-line and noticed it had gone up to 200 which was bad enough, but by the time i had finished reading another article it had changed to 201 sad

my dh is going out these next year sad

yada Sun 16-Aug-09 11:11:01

going out there

freudianslips Sun 16-Aug-09 16:57:02

Hugs yada. My DH is going out there in October. Am sh*tting myself.

sailorsgal Tue 18-Aug-09 07:57:19

And by Sunday evening it had gone up to 204. I had thought what the hell are we doing there but after watching Panorama last night I just hope some good comes of it.

I have a friend whose dh is going in a couple of weeks.

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