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G20 police criticised - 23 year old woman may have had miscarriage and been unable to seek medical attention

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TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 06-Aug-09 15:57:33

Here - pretty shocking story, although I suppose we shouldn't be surprised anymore.

I'm a bit hmm about the IPCC saying it's "unlikely" that's she miscarried - how the fuck would they know?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 06-Aug-09 16:09:47

From your link: "The woman had not been aware that she was pregnant and medical staff had been unable to confirm that this had been the case."

So she may have miscarried; she didn't know if/that she was pregnant, and we don't know where she was in her cycle, so she may not have been. Stress may have brought on her period early - or maybe it was due anyway.

Statistically, more women are not pregnant than are, so it's "unlikely" she miscarried.

Not impressed by her, or anyone else, being kettled for so long though.

LovelyTinOfSpam Thu 06-Aug-09 16:18:30


southeastastra Thu 06-Aug-09 16:19:32

well hopefully a change will come about because of this and other cases.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 06-Aug-09 16:21:02

No, I agree OLKN. I suppose statistically it is "unlikely" that she had a mc - it makes a good headline, though, doesn't it? <<cynical>>

I think it's monstrously out of order for the IPCC to say that though, and hugely tactless too.

PeachyLaPeche Thu 06-Aug-09 18:18:12

The article Ir ead elsewhere said her GP thought it was nlikely she had had a miscarriage or to quote accurately 'a low chance' and woman thoght she was not pg

however it remains that a woman bleeding heavily should be allowed to seek help

LovelyTinOfSpam Thu 06-Aug-09 18:23:23

Whether she was miscarrying or not is beside the point.

The woman was bleeding (heavily presumably) and unexpectedly, and was very concerned, and asked to be let out to seek assistance, and was told to get stuffed and kept there for hours.


Would they have said the same to an older person complaining of chest pain, or a person bleeding from the head?

I would have said before all this, of course they would help them, the police are on our side. I have lost faith in the service to the extent that I would not expect them to help in any situation any more.

BigGobMum Thu 06-Aug-09 18:27:36

While it was wrong not to allow her to leave I am a bit hmm about this miscarriage business.

spongebrainmaternitypants Thu 06-Aug-09 19:36:56

I agree biggobmum, I find the m/c suggestion quite distasteful.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 06-Aug-09 19:42:47

In all fairness, I think the whole idea that it might have been a mc is down to one throwaway comment from the GP.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 06-Aug-09 19:44:07

Peachy - can you link to the other story pls?

PeachyLaPeche Thu 06-Aug-09 19:55:37

Sorry UD but it was on teletext so you can see it there I think (not sure if BBC1 or ITV)

edam Thu 06-Aug-09 23:58:22

Story should be shocking but sadly it isn't. The only good thing to have come out of the G20 demonstration is that police tactics have been exposed. All this apparent shock from the authorities that, for instance, officers took off their badges - yeah, right, no-one in charge had any idea that they've been doing it routinely for at least the last 25 years. hmm

It just so happens, this time, that the original footage of the attack on poor Mr Tomlinson was filmed by a City banker, and that the victim wasn't a demonstrator. Combination of 'innocent' victims and witnesses and video footage is forcing those in power to begin to admit what they've been up to.

Seems the assault on this woman, as with Mr Tomlinson, may have been carried out by the Territorial Support Group - the heirs to the Special Patrol Group who killed Blair Peach. Clearly police treatment of demonstrators has not improved in the intervening four decades.

mayorquimby Fri 07-Aug-09 10:48:53

what hyperbolic nonsense. the woman has absolutely no idea if she was pregnant or not first of all. and then IF she was has no idea what would have caused her miscarraige, which could have been a myriad of factors.

yes slam them for the host of things they did wrong, but to start inventing things will just give ammo to those who defend their actions and can point to media hysteria and over-reactions.

edam Fri 07-Aug-09 10:53:48

I'd say preventing a woman who is bleeding from seeking medical attention is pretty reprehensible, whether it was a miscarriage or not. There is such a thing as false imprisonment, you know.

The Territorial Support Group are a bunch of thugs who think they have a licence to assault demonstrators. They undermine democracy and should be, at the very least, disbanded and re-trained. Their behaviour at the G20 was not a one-off - the only difference is this time they were caught on camera, attacked and possibly killed someone who was not a demonstrator, and were filmed by someone else who was not a demonstrator.

mayorquimby Fri 07-Aug-09 11:08:41

"I'd say preventing a woman who is bleeding from seeking medical attention is pretty reprehensible, whether it was a miscarriage or not. There is such a thing as false imprisonment, you know."

yes which is why i would say slam them for that. absolutely rip them a new one on this basis because it's absolutely disgusting behaviour from law enforcement in a position of power, but to start hypothisising on what might have happened when there is no evidence to support the claims is going to lead to the severity of their criticisms being dilluted.

edam Fri 07-Aug-09 11:21:42

I understand it was her GP who mentioned miscarriage as a possible cause.

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