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Harry Patch, thank you.

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posieparkerinChina Thu 06-Aug-09 14:19:30

Only just heard today that he passed, I'm abroad and news doesn't get through.

I just wanted to write somewhere that I appreciate all he and his generation did. I am thankful that there were so many brave young men that believed in this country and our freedoms. I also am very humbled by his forgiveness.

Thank you Harry Patch.


GrimmaTheNome Thu 06-Aug-09 14:32:09

Well said.

I hope that 'we will remember them' as the generations passed. My grandfathers were both in WW1 ; my father and PIL in WWII, they also are dead. Its strange to see events from your families experience passing into history.

Cesario Thu 06-Aug-09 14:33:42

the funeral was amazing.
beautiful voice of girl chorister singing

SingingBear Thu 06-Aug-09 14:35:19

Message withdrawn

SingingBear Thu 06-Aug-09 14:35:53

Message withdrawn

TeamEdward Thu 06-Aug-09 14:36:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 06-Aug-09 14:39:10

I watched some of Harry's funeral as was moved to tears. What an amazing man and how wrong it was that the King of xxx, the President of France but only the people of Britain honoured him. Along with Henry Allingham he should have been a Sir.

History is passing as our children won't have the same people to honour as we have had, imo.

RIP Harry.

differentID Thu 06-Aug-09 14:45:05

There is now only one British-born person alive who fought in WW1. He lives in Australia.

pasturesnew Thu 06-Aug-09 14:45:18

Was listening on the radio, the German ambassador (I think) was being very good and saying what an honour it was that Harry Patch had specified in his funeral directions that he be invited and how great a job Harry Patch had done in seeking reconciliation.

ElenorRigby Thu 06-Aug-09 19:34:35

People everywhere should never forget their heroism but also never forget the cowardice and incompetence of those that led them.
Government to this day has contempt for those that risk their lives for us
God Bless you and yours Harry RIP

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