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Just want people to read.......

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Treats Wed 05-Aug-09 14:07:50

... this article in the Times today.

For me, it sums up perfectly why feminism is still relevant today. I particularly like the writer's analysis of exactly what is so wrong about 'Nuts' 'Zoo' and the like being on the shelves of WHSmith - something I've always felt uncomfortable about but couldn't rationalise without sounding like a femzilla.

Likewise her descriptions of raunch culture and explaining EXACTLY why it subjugates women and is not - as some would have it - an expression of female liberation and sexuality. Again, it completely crystallises - for me - something I've always vaguely felt but couldn't quite articulate.

Very refreshing of the Times to print this today when everyone else is wittering on about how barking mad Harriet Harman is and the appalling damage that greater equality for women would wreak on the country.......

Haven't posted in this section before, but really wanted to share this.

OmicronPersei8 Wed 05-Aug-09 14:34:33

Very interesting, thanks for pointing this out.

moffat Wed 05-Aug-09 14:45:25

yes, very good article pointing out such worrying trends in society, and quite horrified at the extent to which women collude in their own subjugation.

Tommy Wed 05-Aug-09 14:45:46

good article - thanks. It's what I think too but am not eloquent enough to vocalise!!

cherryblossoms Fri 07-Aug-09 11:32:19

Hey Treats - there's another thread on this - but you were first. did mean to say enjoyed the link - but life intervened.

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