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woman to get 40 lashes for wearing trousers

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Tortington Wed 29-Jul-09 13:00:37


mrsjammi Wed 29-Jul-09 13:03:07

Message withdrawn

alardi Wed 29-Jul-09 13:04:29

Was she wearing them with the wrong colour boots? grin

Sorry, gotta joke when the story is so grim and nought we can do about it, anyway.

janeite Wed 29-Jul-09 13:04:36

God. Well done her for generating publicity about this.

cornsillk Wed 29-Jul-09 13:07:06

Gosh she's a very brave lady- facing 40 lashes instead of 10 so that she can raise awareness.

sassy Wed 29-Jul-09 13:08:37

Talked to my sister about this - she recently came home after 6mo in 'The Toumb'. She could wear trews (though no sleeveless tops etc); it is the Sudanese Muslim women who can't. But this is the city that jailed a teacher for calling the class bear Mohammed.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Wed 29-Jul-09 13:13:34

Lashing is a terrible punishment. I wish something could be done to stop this. 40 lashes will rip her back apart. It's inhumane.

Tortington Wed 29-Jul-09 23:17:57

i posted this and then fecked off and forgot!

yes it it - horrible and tucked away on teh bbc site

bronze Fri 31-Jul-09 22:54:03

Reading about this I 'm wondering whether its actually more about the woman being a journalist and them finding something to use against her.

NormaSknockers Sat 01-Aug-09 08:15:17

It's inhumane, she is incredibly brave bringing this into the public eye to raise awareness knowing the likely outcome will be 40 lashings.

It's an awful, awful punishment. Just cruel.

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