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Slow News Day - RSPCA kill sheep

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Katz Wed 29-Jul-09 12:04:48

story here

bronze Wed 29-Jul-09 12:40:14

Very odd

Upwind Wed 29-Jul-09 13:17:53

"The plight of a ewe stranded 100ft up a cliff for a month came to a heartbreaking end in the sights of a rifle.In shocking scenes, the helpless animal was shot dead after animal charity the RSPCA advised a rescue would be too dangerous."


in other shocking scenes, the plight of 17 million sheep came to a heartbreaking end this year as they were slaughtered and transformed into chops and a different kind of wooly jumper

southeastastra Wed 29-Jul-09 13:18:30

i suppose maybe it could have hurt someone if it fell off????

moondog Wed 29-Jul-09 13:21:11

How utterly hilarious.
I must share it with the starving Bangladsehis I amcurrently surrounded by here in Dhaka.

Katz Wed 29-Jul-09 13:22:32

i know its a sheep it was probably destined for chops anyway! i did like the suggestion that mountain rescue could have saved it.

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