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Mod, soldiers and compensation.

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DidEinsteinsMum Wed 29-Jul-09 02:32:50

Ok i am confused when i was watching sky at lunch time the story went something like this:
MOD question whether they were liable for the increased compensation due to complications during medical treatment (muted suggestions maybe should be covered by those undertaking the task of the treatment ie NHS)
MOD laywer sent out by judges during the lunch resess to find out exactly what role the soldier had in Iraq and what he was doing
Case about who pays for medical treatment caused complications so that pot could be focused on those with severe injuries not complications due to failings of others.

By this evening the MOD was reported as trying to refuse to pay compensation and they were money pinching jobsworth who were uncaring and depriving those who needed financial support of compensation.

How did this end up like this and is it just a case of a better story due to more contriversey? Really confused by this.

scaryteacher Wed 29-Jul-09 08:58:17

They are money pinching uncaring jobsworths.

The point is that whilst you may be injured, there may be further complications arising from the original injury. If you are injured in both legs, and then lose a leg, you are compensated for that, but not for the complications arising from the other leg that you still have, but was injured as well iyswim.

What pisses the Forces off is that an RAF civvy typist can get thousands for RSA in her thumb, but get shot up in Helmand, and you get diddly squat.

If the government kept the military covenant and provided adequate aftercare and continuing support to those injured on its behalf, without the intervention of charities like Help For Heroes, or SSAFA, then this might not be an issue; but they don't. The Americans do this so much better than we do.

sarah293 Wed 29-Jul-09 09:02:42

Message withdrawn

DidEinsteinsMum Wed 29-Jul-09 09:14:25

Can i venture a point that part of the issue is that people feel that the mod should be taking more responsibility for the after care of the soilders rather then dumping then on the NHS who quiet frankly are not capable of dealing correctly with the special issue that soliders face when the need the help? I guess this would close the well it was someone elses screw up loop whole as well.

Callisto Wed 29-Jul-09 09:52:29

The specialist military hospitals have all been closed down though, so there is now no option but to dump these soldiers on the NHS. It is a disgrace, but then the way this govt has treated the armed forces in general has been disgusting imo.

DidEinsteinsMum Wed 29-Jul-09 13:56:30

angry if i had cancer i would expect to see a cancer specialist. How can the govt not expect to have compensation cases when the soldiers are unable to get the specialist care they need. I dont believe the NHS is capable of providing that and the fact that they have closed the specialist hospitals that coudl deal with it is money pinching madness and makes me very angry Is there any point canvessing the MPs to try to resolve it. What reason was given for them being closed down?

Sidge Wed 29-Jul-09 22:46:04

This Government has decimated military medical services. Many military hospitals have closed (including the one I worked in that also served the military AND civilians in the town) and rehab units are threatened.

Military medics have always worked and trained in and for the NHS, but as their numbers have also been reduced the specialism needed for injured servicemen and women has reduced. Most medics in the forces that are burns/ICU/trauma specialists are frequently rotating out to Afghanistan and not here in the UK for follow up care.

cheshirekitty Mon 03-Aug-09 20:00:31

This government will not even put its hands into its pockets to provide a swimming pool at Headley Court (MOD rehabilitation centre.

It is happy to leave this to charity.

Maybe we should leave it to charity to pay MP's saleries?

DidEinsteinsMum Mon 03-Aug-09 20:01:47

grin I like that thought. I had a run in with an ex councillor tonight. Polite language has now escaped me. Is that something we could lobby wink

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