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Mum kicks baby in the face but is spared prison

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peanut08 Tue 28-Jul-09 21:02:57

I am shocked that although she lashed out in this way and had been drinking it is thought that she won't do it again. How do they know? I have smacked my children on the bum before and understand screaming can drive you insane but kicking a toddler in the face?????

littleducks Tue 28-Jul-09 21:07:37

Well the child has been removed from her care and is now with her parents so should hopefully be safe

I think it was a sensible judgement with that in mind

PrincessToadstool Tue 28-Jul-09 21:12:22

Oh my god My DS is 21 months old, I would never hurt a hair on his head, that poor poor baby

peanut08 Tue 28-Jul-09 21:13:49

Oh maybe I read it wrong. I thought it meant the child was in family care temporarily during the trial.

TheCrackFox Tue 28-Jul-09 21:17:07

She left her trainer marks on his head. shock

I think she should have at least had a couple of months in prison. What sort of message does this put out?

tots2ten Tue 28-Jul-09 21:22:18

shock 'When Smallbones was arrested and questioned she originally denied what happened but later admitted kicking out at her son twice.' shock

dilemma456 Tue 28-Jul-09 22:08:12

Message withdrawn

Frasersmum123 Wed 29-Jul-09 09:10:54

I think she deserved to go to prison - we seem to be a country that lock up pensioners that dont pay council tax but allow scum like this to walk free.

Im sorry but people would not be thinking so kindly if this were a man.

junglist1 Wed 29-Jul-09 20:48:31

WHAT THE FUCK?????????

Eve4Walle Thu 30-Jul-09 08:04:23

What a total bitch. So glad her baby has been removed from her.

SixtyFootDoll Thu 30-Jul-09 08:10:12

Her baby hant been removed from her though, if he lives with her parents she probably still has access.
I never cease to be amazed at the pathetic sentencing given to child abusers, she would have got more if she had kicked a dog.

lou031205 Thu 30-Jul-09 09:34:26

"She left her trainer marks on his head."

Dirty marks, not bodily harm. No bodily harm was found. She has been convicted because she admitted it. Had she got a baby wipe and wiped his forehead it would have been their word against hers.

2kidzandi Thu 30-Jul-09 12:21:53

I think she has mental and emotional problems that prison will not fix. There are a lot of people who themselves have been failed by the education and care system who then become neglectful parents.

I really think that family is't taught in schools enough. Sex ed doesn't seem to connect with proper care of health, house, child, mariage or healthy relationships, so people are having kids who are themselves damaged people without a clue.

I don't think the child should ever be returned
or that she should be able to see it without someone present.

NormaSknockers Thu 30-Jul-09 14:19:03

I think it was a very sensible decision to have the child removed from her care, you hear so many sad stories where a child is returned to abusive parents time & time again until it is to late, so at least his welfare came first & foremost.

johnhemming Fri 31-Jul-09 21:06:17

This sounds like a situation where the proper action has been taken in terms of ensuring that the child is safe. However, I am not sure that a non-custodial sentance is appropriate.

I wonder, however, what happened to cause this situation in the first instance.

violethill Sat 01-Aug-09 18:36:34

I agree with Frasersmum. I don't understand why anyone has sympathy with someone who can do this to a toddler. Makes no difference whether it's a man or a woman.

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