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was the missing boy found?

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Tortington Tue 28-Jul-09 19:38:52

the one in the news yesterday - i can't find anything

Tortington Tue 28-Jul-09 19:39:52

found it

LIZS Tue 28-Jul-09 19:39:56

yes he was but it all went very quiet on the media

randomtask Tue 28-Jul-09 19:40:14

There was a story on BBC news this morning about a 5 year old being found. Can't remember where he was, but if you tell me where he went missing I'm sure I'd remember.

flatcapandpearls Tue 28-Jul-09 19:40:39

I was wondering that as well custy, I only heard about it on here.

louii Tue 28-Jul-09 19:41:17

Yes he was found yesterday, not much being said about it, a bit odd altogether.

shinyshoes Tue 28-Jul-09 19:42:34

apparently found 'several miles away'.

The first I heard of it is when they found him.

I don't know the story but this is such a rareity I'm very pleased.

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