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Anyone read Dylan Jones in the MoS Live magazine July 19?

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glasjam Mon 20-Jul-09 12:50:05

Usual stuff - this time mentioning that his wife was dribbling over Russell Crowe in the Ralph Lauren hospitality tent at Wimbledon (Zzzzzz)

There was an anecdote about a "Russian gentleman" who had an interest in taking a stake in a Premiership team, that he dropped into the article that left me feeling sick. I won't quote it directly but it involved the aforementioned "gentleman" brutally assaulting a female companion in front of, I assume, a Boardroom full of the Premiership team's board members.

Now, this could be one of those chinese whisper-type anecdotes (if so, how lazy of DJ) or it could be a fact that he has heard that can be corroborated by members of that football team's Board who witnessed this assault. If the latter is the case, then has anyone heard about it in the news? Have I missed this story? Or, did nothing happen?

If this event DID happen and nothing has been done about it, then dropping it into an article smacks of macho-swagger on the part of DJ (I have friends who are WELL hard mate)

Anyone else read it and feel as uncomfortable as I did??

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