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Let's talk about people leaving flowers after deaths

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JohnDory Fri 17-Jul-09 13:04:28

nice flowers.
nice idea
PLEASE unwrap them

flashharriet Fri 17-Jul-09 13:05:44

Agree. I'd also like them to be replaced after an agreed time had passed with a little plaque or similar.

HarrySaundersSphincter Fri 17-Jul-09 13:18:48

They also serve as a good warning especially on dangerous roads.

I'm not sure i'd want to put a memorial exactly where a loved one met their end though.

FritesMenthe Fri 17-Jul-09 13:22:58

Agree with unwrapping.
Hvae just written a policy on 'roadside shrines' for work, it's an extremely emotive topic because of the dangers posed to othere drivers and to the bereaved family and friends putting themselves in danger to lay the tributes. And the guys at work who have to clean up sad

MovingOutOfBlighty Fri 17-Jul-09 13:25:07

It is so sad when you see several bunches of carnations etc dead in plastic wrapping and strapped to a lamp post.

I can see why people need these shrines, just wish there was a nicer (and safer way f doing it)

JohnDory Fri 17-Jul-09 13:29:50

oh there is one near Fordingbridge that has been there for 3 years. council in a big hoo ha about it. i think a year is long enough tbh.

i did mean though those ones like where the fire was (and my brother said the same abtou the Diana ones) take the plastic oFF

JohnDory Fri 17-Jul-09 13:33:47

its still there

abraid Fri 17-Jul-09 13:34:31

Definitely unwrap.

FritesMenthe Fri 17-Jul-09 13:40:05

Yep, that's why my council wants a policy, to stop the shrines from getting out of hand.

Nancy66 Fri 17-Jul-09 13:46:56

Not a fan of roadside shrines - isn't that what graves are for?

FritesMenthe Fri 17-Jul-09 13:57:07

The grieving process is a difficult thing to understand if you have never been directly affected by a road death. Yes, there may be a grave, or place that ashes are scattered, but for some people, the accident site is hugely significant.

Am no expert BTW but have spoken to police officers and read around the subject.

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