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International Child Abduction, "'I'll never end hunt for my girl'

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ElenorRigby Thu 16-Jul-09 19:32:22

I heard this on the radio earlier
I personally know of a parent in a similar situation, that parent has not seen their child for 8 months now.
Statistically more mothers abduct their children these days quite ironic given the public perception is that fathers are more likely to "steal" children.
In the past few days I've noticed two threads on MN, here and here
Both mums unhappy living overseas and thinking of return.
Thing is a childs "habitual residence" is important in many countries and parents can not just up and run without consequences.
The program emphasised that anyone thinking of moving overseas with children should thoughtfully consider the practicalities and legalities of prospect of separation abroad.
The parent I know whose child was abducted to Mexico and then the USA had a shared residence with the ex. There were no welfare issues. I feel for that parent often, cant imagine their pain

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