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Colin Hendry's wife loses her fight for life.

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myredcardigan Fri 10-Jul-09 22:57:18

Just caught it on the news. Sad to see a fit, healthy woman die from the results of botched plastic surgery. She was 42!

She went in for lipo and the Dr punctured her bowel and colon 9 times. She has been semi-disabled ever since.

I know it's completely irelevant but in the before pictures she just looks stunning. Such a shame she felt such pressure. sad 3 young kids too.

dittany Fri 10-Jul-09 23:01:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh Fri 10-Jul-09 23:02:59

terrible shame.

cornsilk Fri 10-Jul-09 23:03:02

That's awful. I haven't heard this story before.

hatesponge Fri 10-Jul-09 23:06:34

I remember reading all about this immediately after her surgery when she was terribly ill. I thought she had gone on to make a reasonable recovery though.

Its shocking because I think lipo is generally thought of as quite 'safe' - virtually every celeb has it done- but i guess just like any surgery there are risks & the capacity for surgical error. not something I would have, however much money I had

2shoes Fri 10-Jul-09 23:07:09

very sad

scienceteacher Fri 10-Jul-09 23:10:09

One of my friends is a pathologist and from their tales, it is not uncommon to have major, life-threatening, complications from lipo. The stats are not good.

dittany Fri 10-Jul-09 23:13:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Olihan Fri 10-Jul-09 23:18:23

According to the BBC news she had 4 children, aged 9 to 19 sad.

I often think 'oh, I'd love a tummy tuck, get rid of my stretchmarks and saggy post-pregnancy skin' but even if I could afford it I don't think I could put myself through major surgery for the sake of vanity.

How do you explain to a 9yo that mummy's died because she thought her tummy was too fat?

Just tragic and such an unnecessary death.

aristocat Fri 10-Jul-09 23:22:48

i remember when she was first ill, but thought she had recovered and was well.
shocked at this, 4 DCs lost their mom, what a shame.

HolyGuacamole Sat 11-Jul-09 02:17:35

Ditto aristocat sad

Peridot30 Sat 11-Jul-09 02:22:35

So sad, i heard this on the news just a few minutes ago. What a shame for their children.......all to do with botched surgery to make her feel better.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 11-Jul-09 04:10:48


Very sad news.

myredcardigan Sat 11-Jul-09 11:38:18

Sorry, I posted this then fell asleep. For four children to lose their mother so unnecessarily is just very sad.

I remember reading an interview in which she said her husband didn't want her to have the op. Kept telling her she was beautiful without it but she felt so fat compared to other footballer's wives that she went ahead.

Thought are with her family especially her kids.

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