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Michael Jackson Songs

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Terri27 Wed 08-Jul-09 23:34:01

I was never a bit fan of michael jackson some of his songs are ok but others aint. My concern is some people are going mad at the end of the day he was just a man who sang music what i would like to know is why some school are making such a big deal of it my childs school is now doing a music festival and singing some of his songs my child watched the Thriller song from the movie in school i am guessing they watched the cut version but i not sure i am even happy about that i have watched some of his songs myself tonight to check them out they are either scary or really sad the worst ones r *THRILLER and EARTH*

ilovesprouts Thu 09-Jul-09 19:44:13

im not a big mj fan buy love thriller /earthsong grin

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