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Ooops - how unfortunate - slip of the tongue

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FAQinglovely Fri 26-Jun-09 00:12:35

here - you'll need sound grin

MatNanPlus Fri 26-Jun-09 00:14:15


MatNanPlus Fri 26-Jun-09 00:14:51

After they have all been thru he would be accurately descibing the conditions

thumbwitch Fri 26-Jun-09 00:14:57

Sounded about right to me! grin
poor bloke...

lockets Fri 26-Jun-09 00:16:10

Message withdrawn

FAQinglovely Fri 26-Jun-09 00:35:03

lol lockets

gigglewitch Fri 26-Jun-09 00:36:52

pmsl grin

myredcardigan Fri 26-Jun-09 00:59:37

He always has the giggles though. He had them this week on the 1 o'clock news for something or other.

FAQinglovely Fri 26-Jun-09 10:47:13

ahh but myred - I laughed more at his slip of the tongue that I did at his giggles grin

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