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The Marmite Mayor of Doncaster

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Maninadirndl Wed 24-Jun-09 08:51:42

Just caught Breakfast News about Peter Davies, the so called Marmite Mayor - you love him or you hate him. Now I haven't had time to see what he is on about but the fact that he wants to get rid of a lot of wasteful councillors strikes me as a good thing. He has said that people should learn English before they come to Britain. I semi agree. As a resident in Germany I have to learn the language to function, even though it has taken me years to become fluent. However that was not possible before I came here in 2001, at the last minute. But when it was clear I would stay I enrolled on an intensive course to enable me to speak to a basic level.

Before I make judgement on him can anyone tell me more about this chap. The fact that he likes a pint of bitter makes him seem okay in my book.

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