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Time-Poor Mothers Have One Hour to Themselves

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lyndap Thu 12-May-05 14:09:20

Thu 12 May 2005

From today's Scotsman.
Tell us something we don't know!!

Mothers spend an average 100 hours per week on work, childcare and domestic chores, according to a survey released today.

This leaves them just one hour each day to spend on themselves, researchers found.

Nearly 40% of mothers interviewed said their tasks regularly did not end until past 9pm.

This left little time for rest, with 26% of respondents saying they slept for six hours per night or less.

The 1,035 UK mothers surveyed spent an average 25 hours per week working, with another 28 hours dedicated to domestic chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing up and doing the laundry.

Children took up an average 41 hours per week, leaving the mothers an average of just 16.5 hours to spend with their partners.

After necessities such as food, transport and utility bills had been paid, 27% of mothers said they had no money to spend on themselves.

More than half of the women questioned (57%) said less than 10% of the total weekly spend was just for them.

Lack of free time meant many women felt they neglected personal grooming. Three quarters of respondents said they struggled to find time to get their hair done, while 64% said the same of manicures.

One third of the mothers said they would be prepared to keep their children occupied with DVDs and computers games in order to have more time to themselves.

Household chores seemed to be a bone of contention between the interviewees and their partners.

Although nearly half of respondents were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with how much help their partner gave with the household chores, 55% of women said it was quicker to do the housework themselves.

Life coach and author Christine Webber, who collaborated on the survey, said many mothers spent the majority of their time “serving others”.

“This isn’t a good state of affairs as they risk losing their own sense of identity and personality, which can lead to them feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life,” she said.

The survey was commissioned by Comfort and carried out by My Voice market researchers.

Of the 1,035 mothers aged 18 to 50 who took part in the survey 331 worked full time, 265 worked part-time, 357 described themselves as “home makers”, 37 were students, 31 didn’t work and two were retired. Another 12 did not describe their employment status.

GhostofNatt Thu 12-May-05 14:15:27


Caligula Thu 12-May-05 14:16:06

A whole hour?

Mind you, maybe I would have if I stopped arsing about on Mumsnet!

lyndap Thu 12-May-05 14:38:51

Mumsnet doesn't count - it's counselling, therapy, community service and an information resource - not me time !

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