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Send My Friend to School Challenge for your kids

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makepovertyhistory Wed 11-May-05 14:40:15

Send My Friend to School Challenge

Get your kids involved in the Send My Friend to School Challenge! Copy and paste this address into your browser at the top of the page for the official site:

An initiative for Make Poverty History by the Global Campaign for Education.

The Challenge is to make one million buddies to represent children missing out on school.

These will be presented to the G8 leaders’ meeting in July as part of Make Poverty History. Above is an address for a site which hosts everything needed to create a buddy and includes lesson plans for teachers, case studies, and an online Buddy Maker.

A bit about the challenge.....

Students in over 110 countries, from now until July, will be taking part and doing so gives students the opportunity to remind the world leaders about the importance of education and to learn about the broader global issues that make up the bigger picture.

It’s global citizenship in action and a chance to help make history this year. We want to remind world leaders of their promise that every child should have an education by the year 2015.

There are currently over 100 million children worldwide who are missing out on an education. Education is a human right and has the potential to help break the cycle of poverty so many millions of children are already in.

So go here now and get your children involved in making a difference to millions of other children's lives throughout the world!

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