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Margaret Thatcher's in hospital,Is this the beginning of the end? How will you mark the day? Black arm band or party 7.

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Cowwomanmoo Sun 14-Jun-09 00:40:23

After looking at the news about Mr T I found my self on wikiquote.


In an interview with George Negus for the Australian TV program 60 minutes, the following exchange occurred:
Negus: Why do people stop us in the street almost and tell us that Margaret Thatcher isn't just inflexible, she's not just single-minded, on occasions she't plain pig-headed and won't be told by anybody?
Thatcher: Would you tell me who has stopped you in the street and said that?
Negus: Ordinary Britons...
Thatcher: Where?
Negus: In conversation, in pubs...
Thatcher (interrupting): I thought you'd just come from Belize
Negus: Oh this is not the first time we've been here.
Thatcher: Will you well me who, and where and when.
Negus: Ordinary Britons in restaurants and cabs
Thatcher: How many?
Negus: cabs
Thatcher: How many?
Negus:I would say at least one in two
Thatcher:Why won't you tell me their names and who they are?

AitchTwoOh Sun 14-Jun-09 00:43:22

that evil witch ruined everything. and to think that she entered no 10 with the words of st francis of assisi.

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 00:53:10

She ruined everything???!! Really??? Labour are doing such a great job are they? Things so much better? You really ok with how things are now?

Sorry to hear that she's poorly. Whatever I think of her the woman had balls which is more than can be said of anyone thinking they can have a go these days.

Cowwomanmoo Sun 14-Jun-09 00:56:12

I feel that they may have to bury her at sea when the time comes,the amount of people that will be going for a boogie in her final resting place.
Im 38 weeks pregnant and very uncomfortable at the moment, I'm trying to cheer my self up. I'm wondering if shes had a doctor strange love moment with her arm and beat it too vigorously.

Paleodad Sun 14-Jun-09 01:01:36

too true, aitch, too true.
Personally dreading all the sycophantic smug homilies, wall-to-wall funeral coverage etc. that will inevitably follow her demise.
Still, at least she'll be gone...
i know linking is...ahem...somewhat frowned upon, but couldn't resist grin.

FlappyTheBat Sun 14-Jun-09 01:03:33

And Gordon Brown has got it so right?

Oh please, this and the previous labour government have done nothing to improve this country at all.

BitOfFun Sun 14-Jun-09 01:07:37

I don't take particular pleasure in her dying, but I totally rejoiced in her being out of power.

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 01:08:07

At least she'll be gone. What harm is she inflicting on you now, or back then, that wishes her dead?

Cowwomanmoo Sun 14-Jun-09 01:08:21

Yes indeed paleodad Classic track,on her way out as I remember it was 'The La's' there she goes. May come in useful again.

SolidGoldBrass Sun 14-Jun-09 01:11:29

It will be interesting when she goes. People will be tying themselves in knots. Particularly the hard-of-thinking who will be totally confused by the opportunities for a big blub-fest and production of yet another giant compost heap and the very rare opportunity for a spot of competitive NON-sadding.

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 01:12:14

Much more like it Bitoffun. Not asking anyone to like her but all this wishing her dead stuff... hmm Use the energy in wishing her dead in wishing we were being lead by a real leader, not the current idiot.

MintChocAddict Sun 14-Jun-09 01:13:29

I reckon that most of todays social problems are as a direct result of many of her policies.
Really, I do.
The Conservatives of the 80's should hang their heads in shame for the decline of this country
For the record although it pains me to say, I feel that the Labour Govt have made a right mess of things. They have however introduced policies that have benfited lower paid workers, families etc - something that Conservatives like Thatcher would never have done.

FlappyTheBat Sun 14-Jun-09 01:15:26

Yes, Jeremy Clarkson was spot on when he described Gordon Brown as the one eyed Scottish idiot and then had to apologise and then said he was sorry for making fun of someone's appearance.

The sooner he goes the better imvho.

Tortington Sun 14-Jun-09 01:15:54

i wouldn't celebrate her death, nor would i mourn.

MintChocAddict Sun 14-Jun-09 01:18:28

Really Flappy hmm
Jeremy Clarkson is a big haired, too tight jeans wearing English twat IMHO.
Gordon Brown has a visual impairment BTW. Nice.

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 01:18:42

I won't mourn, but I'd take her balls over the current excuse of a man any day. Gordon Who???? He's a nothing. And I'm rolling it out just for him - 'Oi Gordon - jog on schweetart, you've got nothing to bring to the party'.

Paleodad Sun 14-Jun-09 01:20:16

rehtom, I'm afraid that Thatcher and her brand of extremely right-wing conservatism represent the complete opposite of everything i believe in.
I don't necessarily wish her dead, but can't help thinking that the world won't be any worse off without her in it.
The 1980's formed a major part of my formative years, so to speak, and I remember them as difficult times, for which I largely blame Thatcherism. And yes, maybe the current administration is pretty poor, but I think 'things' are far better now than they were then.

FlappyTheBat Sun 14-Jun-09 01:21:45

British Manufacturing and the Coal Industry were both in decline for at least two decades before Margaret Thatcher came to power. Yet she has generally been attributed to the downfall of both.

In the 1950's, Britain had a Prime Minister who was almost as unpopular as Brown, common denominator, both Labour!

MintChocAddict Sun 14-Jun-09 01:23:02

Well said Paleodad.
Either some people are young, have very short memories or weren't directly affected by some of her very shameful actions.

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 01:23:44

That's absolutely fine Paleodad, and I completely respect your opinion. I don't necessarily agree but I respect your opinion and the way you have put your view across, rather than just wishing her dead!

FlappyTheBat Sun 14-Jun-09 01:25:27

MintChocAddict, I'm Scottish and unfortunately have to live in GB's constituency, have also met him and sorry,still think he is an idiot!

Cowwomanmoo Sun 14-Jun-09 01:29:43

Rehton, your either too young to remember or you were one of the lucky few who were aright jack by her .I am no longer naive enough to blame completely her tory government for the the poverty, unemployment etc a lot of us endured. Is see now there more asymptomatic of a economic cycle.Tory governments are a opportunistic bunch, in a bugler sort of a way. One of the other problems with her was she is/was completely banana's.

Paleodad Sun 14-Jun-09 01:30:04

No, once politicians have stood down i remove them from my deathwish list.
SERVING politicians, now that's a different matter.....grin

rehtom Sun 14-Jun-09 01:31:51

I'm 38 and yeah I'm alright Jack.
Regardless. I don't wish ANYONE DEAD. Do you get me?
Still think she had balls and still think GB is a weak tosser who couldn't run a bath.

Cowwomanmoo Sun 14-Jun-09 01:37:59

Celebrating someone's death and wishing someone dead are two difrent things, ah happy days, remember when she call Nelson Mandela a terrorist...

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