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This story about the Plymouth nursery is worrying

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crumpet Tue 09-Jun-09 12:21:04

I hope it's not as serious as it sounds

Granny23 Tue 09-Jun-09 12:59:53

With 2 DGCs in Nursery today I felt sick to hear about this. Hoping that none of the children have been actually harmed.

grouphug Tue 09-Jun-09 13:19:52

I feel sick, how will we know what nurseries she has worked in? I live in the South West god this is awful every parents worst nightmare I can not think of anything worse.

Stayingsunnygirl Tue 09-Jun-09 13:45:32

There is a helpline number at the bottom of the article, grouphug - perhaps if you ring them they'll be able to put your mind at rest.

wannaBe Tue 09-Jun-09 13:58:52

absolutely terrifying for any parent who has their child at that nursery.

And just goes to show that crb checks only go so far.

SomeGuy Tue 09-Jun-09 13:59:29

There is a better article here:

It looks like they've moved very quickly.

It's not clear that the images have come from the nursery.

KERALA1 Tue 09-Jun-09 14:02:17

Don't see how this could be your worst nightmare though grouphug. Its horrid yes but I would be much more upset if my child had been seriously physically harmed.

SomeGuy Tue 09-Jun-09 14:09:18

It's quite possible that some children at the nursery have been harmed and/or molested, but pointless to speculate either way at this point, though I'm sure parents of children there are thinking about this.

wannaBe Tue 09-Jun-09 14:12:49

children may have been physically harmed though. Or sexually abused. And even if the children at the nursery haven't been harmed, it's possible that they've still been in contact/been cared for by someone who is capable of it.

Parents drop their children at nursery in the belief that they will be cared for there. Because staff are crb checked etc.

So yes, I do think this is any parent's worst nightmare.

FabulousBakerGirl Tue 09-Jun-09 14:16:23


It has just been said that the images are graded towards the end of the 1-5 scale of seriousness.

No idea what to say really.

Thank goodness for the person who came across this and forwarded it on to the Plymouth police.

wannaBe Tue 09-Jun-09 14:27:38

they said on ITV news that it was another police force that contacted plymouth police.

shock that the images are so serious.

So even if the children at this nursery haven't been abused, children somewhere have. sad

FabulousBakerGirl Tue 09-Jun-09 14:30:41

That is what I meant, wannaBe. Thanks for explaining it better.

They have also raided the woman's home as well as the nursery.

Ripeberry Tue 09-Jun-09 14:31:30

That's so shocking, and even more so that its a woman. Very sickening actually.
And more importantly...WHY? would you even do something like that?
Unless she was recruited by some sick paedophile group. In the office we worked in years ago (not involving anything like this), people used to get a job JUST to steal covernotes and customers details.

wannaBe Tue 09-Jun-09 14:34:21

I can't imagine why.

There was a mn poster a few years back who was suspected to be selling images of children to paedophile networks (although it was never proven and she fled the country iirc), so I guess it does happen. sad

edam Tue 09-Jun-09 14:37:54

Horrible story. Thank goodness the police got onto her.

loobeylou Tue 09-Jun-09 16:57:26

sadly, people who are interested in child porn/paedophilia DO tend to try to find work in positions of trust around children, and them waving the "but I am CRB checked" card may put an end to any feelings of unease or uncertainty one may have, for example about a teacher, scout leader, church youth worker etc.

In fact (and speaking as someone CRB checked thrice over, for three different roles) CRB checks are not worth the paper they are written on, as they are out of date immediately they are done, and anyway, most offenders have not yet been caught!!

so the message is, dont let the fact someone is CRB checked put you off taking it to the relevant authorities if you have any genuine reason for concern

beanieb Tue 09-Jun-09 19:07:47

CRB checks surely can only check for previous convictions? There must be plenty of people (not meaning to scare anyone) who are working in positions where they have access to kids but who have not previously been caught so just wouldn't show up on a CRB check?

To say they are useless is not right. They work perfectly well at stopping already conovicted/caught offenders from getting these kinds of jobs and that's all they can really do.

This whole story is shocking though and I truly hope that no children were harmed sad

sarah293 Tue 09-Jun-09 19:10:06

Message withdrawn

violethill Tue 09-Jun-09 19:30:15

Many people have no choice but to leave their children with carers though.

Shocking .

beanieb Tue 09-Jun-09 19:52:43

yes, Violet, and I don't think this case should scare parents into thinking their children are unsafe.

violethill Tue 09-Jun-09 19:57:33

Totally agree beanie. You have to keep it in perspective - a case like this is a chance in a million. Children are far more likely to be harmed by a relative.
I really hope there isn't a backlash of people irrationally feeling their children are unsafe. All children suffer by that type of mass scaremongering.

lisad123 Tue 09-Jun-09 22:11:57

just seen this on 10pm news. Those poor parents and possiblity children. It seems they tracked her by her nursery uniform, but did say it could just be that she was in the photo and is inosent
either way, its got to be terrible nightmare for everyone.

welshone51 Tue 09-Jun-09 22:28:03

I agree that we shouldn't all mass panic or feel worried and guilty about leaving our children with carers as it is such a rare occurance especially as it appears that there is a woman involved.

It isnt likely that she was able to take indecent images of children whilst at the nursery as they are generally well staffed but if I was a parent who had children there I would be worried and devestated and yes it would be my worst nightmare!

To me it makes it more disgusting that a woman was involved- its so unnatural!! I am just glad that caught the evil bitch!!!!

cheesesarnie Tue 09-Jun-09 22:30:20

its horrible.have they said yet what her job at the nursery was?

whooosh Tue 09-Jun-09 22:32:35

God I remember that Wanabe-was all wrapped up in "moggelling" wasn't it?

Am hoping it is not as bad as it seems-it is hard enough to leave your children if you have to work,without the added fear of someone you entrust with your children betraying/abusing them in some way.

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