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Let's hope the culprits are caught.

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dottee Mon 09-May-05 13:51:02

As more details are released, this incident becomes more horrific.

I hope the culprits are found soon. The poor girls must have suffered a terrible ordeal. The dead girl's father could hardly speak on the news. Let's hope the surviving girl recovers soon.

bagpussmice Mon 09-May-05 19:43:21

I agree. We live right next door to Prospect Park where the body was found and have been terribly upset by the whole thing - it's utterly horrendous... the poor girls parents... I just can't imagine what they are going through.

swiperfox Mon 09-May-05 19:47:19

I hope so too - i lived in reading my whole life and used to work right next to the park and spend lunchtimes there, go to carnival there etc.

it's horrific

Gobbledigook Mon 09-May-05 19:48:11

How awful

swiperfox Sat 14-May-05 21:03:55

My Mum called this evening and told me that the 21yo that they've arrested has already been beaten up and hospitalised by other men in the cells at the court.


Ulysees Sat 14-May-05 21:06:14

It makes you shudder to think of the type of people around. Those poor girls and their families. The girl that survived will never be the same again, her life is ruined

ChaCha Sun 15-May-05 21:03:37

I cried when i first saw this piece of news. How awful! What a mad world we live in. God rest her soul. Her poor parents

fashill Sun 15-May-05 21:06:13

The parasite they've charged tried to kill himself unsuccesfully. Shame.

swiperfox Sun 15-May-05 21:09:32

It's not a shame - if he kills himself its the easy way out. If he lives he's got to spend every day for the rest of his life in fear of his life and sooner or later the other the other inmates will get him........

WestCountryLass Sun 15-May-05 21:55:10

I have heard they were raped and worse and injected with heroine, its sickening

dottee Thu 19-May-05 13:24:53

Just heard they've charged yet another person with the murder. I think they are up to number 6 or 7. It sickens me to try and imagine what went on.

Toothache Thu 19-May-05 13:28:00

Totally horrifying.

koalabear Thu 19-May-05 13:28:34

my DH says that in respect to this they should bring back the death penalty, but given what swiperfox says, i think that putting them in the general population in jail might be better justice

what makes people do this, and how do i protect my children???

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