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Does anyone know how much MEPs are paid ?

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bumpsoon Thu 04-Jun-09 20:13:33

ok not news i know ,but thought those who were interested in news might know ! Also what is their expense limit ?

onagar Thu 04-Jun-09 20:26:44

I expect someone will know all the details, but the other day I saw an article which mentioned one getting £2million in expenses

nancy75 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:30:43

i think their expenses are even more ridiculous than westminsters. heard an mep on the radio the other day, he gave his plane ticket in to get travel paid back and they gave him 2000 euros, he said my ticket only cost 400 euros, the fees office said, we just pay x amount if you have traveled x miles, dont care how much the ticket cost, keep the rest!

bumpsoon Thu 04-Jun-09 21:00:22

had a look online and it says £56,356 but that might be out of date

SomeGuy Thu 04-Jun-09 21:02:57

They get an absolutely fucking disgusting amount of money. Dental for them, dental for the family, 60 free mudbaths per year, free contact lenses/optical, fake travel allowances (no receipts required).

Each MEP costs us £1 million. An MP costs £400k.

They go off to Europe and they live like kings. And they are basically unaccountable to their electorate, as there's so many MEPs in each constituency and nobody ever contacts their MEP anyway (local councillors, MPs, yes, MEPs pretty much never).

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