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Oh dear. That Susan from BGT has - apparently - been detained under the mental health act

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HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 08:38:03

just watching the news atm.

rubyslippers Mon 01-Jun-09 08:41:24

heard this on Radio 4

who does have the emotional capacity to become world famous in the blink of an eye?

poor woman - hope she is getting some good support

apparently she went voluntarily ...

GooseyLoosey Mon 01-Jun-09 08:45:24

Poor woman. As she is obviously totally unable to cope with the media spot-light, it would be nice if they could leave her alone instead of chronicalling her collapse on a daily basis. Voyeurism at its worst.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 08:49:56

Yes, apparently something 'happened' in her hotel room and the police were called.

I didn't watch the show - until the final, when I was FORCED to, by my bloody sister grin who was staying the night.

I watched that woman when she lost and her behaviour was odd and innapropriate then.

I think perhaps all the hype, all the talk about her and how she was certain to win etc etc - played a part in her reaction.

KingRolo Mon 01-Jun-09 08:51:34

The BGT people have shamelessly used this woman to boost the profile of their end-of-the-pier variety show.

KingRolo Mon 01-Jun-09 08:53:24

According to the report I read, she chucked water on a floor manager who was trying to calm her down and they called the police. sad

Meglet Mon 01-Jun-09 08:56:10

I hope she gets a break and has counsellors who can help her deal with everything, she's had a massive amount of fame thrust on her overnight. I also hope she isn't pushed into doing the BGT tour, I can't see that doing her any good.

Curiousmama Mon 01-Jun-09 08:57:34

It's very sad but not unexpected. I hope she'll be ok. A friend of hers reported that she has a short fuse anyway so added pressure will only make her blow easier.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 09:03:32

KR - you don't get sectioned for throwing water over someone. There must be more. A lot more. Reports say she has been detained under the mental health act - that's a serious thing. It'll be the 72 hour one I assume - to assess her? The emergency assessment or the holding one? - 4? 5? - apols, it's been years grin

I hope she'll get support. What she DOESN'T need, is to continue to be part of that programme. It will do her no good at all.

inscotland Mon 01-Jun-09 09:05:55

She's not been sectioned. She went voluntarily and is just knackered. I'll listen to Piers Morgan before any other sensationalist nonsense. I hope she gets the rest and care she needs.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 09:07:04

Oh, could also be the police one - removing for her own safety (or to safety?). Same thing but done by police instead of doctor/nurse?? That's 72 hours as well I think.

Poor bloody woman.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 09:08:31

Oh, has she not? Then I think it is OUTRAGIOUS that it is being reported that she has "Been detained under the mental health act" if that is not the case. That is a very serious thing to falsly claim.

wannaBe Mon 01-Jun-09 09:11:23

she went voluntarily apparently.

I think she should be left alone now. I certainly don't think her fame should be further encouraged.

Lots of stars crack under pressure at some stage, but it usually takes a few years not a few weeks.

There is a real danger of SB becoming like Amy Winehouse, who is more famous now for being a junky and the way she acts on stage than her talent. And sb can sing (and while I personally don't think she is the most fantastic singer on the planet she can sing, and talent is subjective after all), but if she is allowed to stay in the spotlight her singing ability will for ever be overshadowed by her behavior.

BitOfFun Mon 01-Jun-09 09:14:29

I haven't heard that she was detained under the Mental Health Act- just that she was seen looking "spaced" in the hotel foyer, seen by the show's doctors and agreed to go to the Priory for a few days for a total rest away from the media attention. Sounds like a good idea tbh.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 09:18:23

It's a very good idea. tbh, I think she has been horribly exploited.

<switches off Sky news>

myredcardigan Mon 01-Jun-09 09:18:58

I think BGT are just out for what they can get. They don't give a hoot about her long-term wellbeing. Although PM does seem to genuinely care what happens to her.

I also read that some of the Diversity boys were having to negotiate hard for time off for exams. That's completely ridiculous IMO.

Their lead dancer is studying for his masters in physics. He was saying that when this is all over he wants to carry on being a scientist. Great attitude and I really hope they allows him time to finish his exams instead of sprouting the 'you signed a contract' line.

stillenacht Mon 01-Jun-09 09:19:51

Doesn't she have a LD? Imo its criminal that Cowell et al have been allowed to exploit her.angry

KingRolo Mon 01-Jun-09 09:20:02

Well, it's only Sky news so can't vouch for accuracy but it says;

'Despite reacting to her defeat modestly on screen, there were reports she had run amok backstage after the contest, screaming: "I hate this show."

Boyle, from Blackburn, West Lothian, is accused of swearing and throwing a cup of water over a floor manager who tried to calm her down.

This morning a Met spokeswoman told Sky News that police had been called at around 6pm last night to a central London hotel.

Doctors had been assessing a woman under the Mental Health Act at the hotel, and a decision was made to voluntarily take her to a clinic, the spokeswoman said.'

Could be much more to it though, like Hecate says. But if so then it's probably a good thing it's not being reported in lots of gory detail.

stillenacht Mon 01-Jun-09 09:21:39

The whole of the BGT production team are disgraceful imo.

..lets see what great tv we can make (advertising reveunue etc etc) but bugger the consequences to anyone...angry

franke Mon 01-Jun-09 09:25:20

Whatever the truth it certainly leaves a nasty taste doesn't it? This incident as well as the spectacle of child performers weeping under the pressure to perform. All very ugly indeed. I usually have time for Simon Cowell and his no nonsense approach, but I think he needs to ask himself some serious questions about this particular format.

HecatesTwopenceworth Mon 01-Jun-09 09:26:41

Ah, story seems to have changed since I watched it. Def reported as having BEEN detained under mental health act.

How do they get away with reporting things as fact when it is no such thing?

still - couldn't agree more. As I said above, she has been horribly exploited. Seems everyone is on any show simon cowel is involved in - you only have to look at that other one - the singing one - and how they put people through JUST so they can put them on TV and laugh at them.

It's shameful.

People who enjoy such things may as well just get a big stick and poke these poor buggers while jeering loudly angry

noddyholder Mon 01-Jun-09 09:26:57

I really thought the whole jade Goody fiasco would have been the nail in the coffin for tabloid tv But oh no there are further lows to reach Exploiting people with OBVIOUS mental health concerns and to top it all the adverts for the gutter of all of them Big Brother have started.When will anyone ever learn There is entertainment and there is this crap.All the viewers are doing are lining Simon Cowells pockets and contributing to the complete degeneration of British culture.We have a long history of brilliant musicians actors etc we do not need this rubbish to find them.

wannaBe Mon 01-Jun-09 09:27:07

am slightly hmm that people think Peers Morgan is genuine. This is the man who was editor of one of the most tacky tabloids in the country, and who left because he was guilty of insider trading. Hardly a paragon of virtue and morality.

bella39 Mon 01-Jun-09 09:28:08

Crikey - and I said to dh during the final that I thought she looked like a bit of a bunny boiler. I must be telepathic shock

stillenacht Mon 01-Jun-09 09:30:46

I had this discussion with my best friend yesterday. I will never watch any of Cowells programmes. Last year i caught 5 mins of the audition stage for X Factor and there was a lad on there who i felt (as a mum of an autistic child) def had some form of learning disability and he was held up to ridicule.

It makes me feel sick.

To me its akin to laughing at people in wheelchairs - base and pathetic.angryangry

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