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Blunko's back...

(5 Posts)
Janh Fri 06-May-05 21:18:17

Work & Pensions Sec atm but watch him go!

sansouci Fri 06-May-05 21:21:57

I'm glad for him. What a bitch his ex is!

Janh Fri 06-May-05 21:24:03

Me too, ss. I wonder if, when TB goes, he will be Chancellor?

sansouci Fri 06-May-05 21:26:24

Don't know but would imagine that TB's replacement will want his/her (?!) own team...

tiredemma Fri 06-May-05 21:27:45

good- im glad he's back, that bitch must have thought that she had forced him out for good.

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