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Look at the size of Leo!

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Janh Fri 06-May-05 12:44:14

Remember when he was handed out the door 4 years ago, beamed at his dad and then looked utterly stunned at the banks of press outside?


JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 12:44:58

where's their daughter?

DillyDally Fri 06-May-05 12:45:32

Tony is pledging to sort out immigration? how interesting.

JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 12:46:26


Twiglett Fri 06-May-05 12:46:57

sorry I'm not shocked cos I've got my own 4 year old

Lucycat Fri 06-May-05 12:47:39

I was due the same day as Cherie with dd1 and I was eating spicy curry by the bucketful NOT to have to go as long as she did. It worked, dd1 was 10 days early and she will be 5 on the 18th May so Leo must be nearly 5 too - big boy tho'! clearly not malnourished is he?

Chandra Fri 06-May-05 12:48:02

He's huge!

Janh Fri 06-May-05 12:48:56

"Watched by his wife Cherie and four children"

Michael Howard won't be sorting anything out, will he? Chicken.

zebraX Fri 06-May-05 12:49:57

Leo will be 5 week after next. 18 or 19 May

Marina Fri 06-May-05 12:50:32

Shy about having her photo taken, JT, like a lot of teenage girls!
I don't see him as huge either, Twiglett. Tall, but the legs don't look chub or anything like that.

Tinker Fri 06-May-05 13:05:03

Is that not his daughter standing next to him?

Janh Fri 06-May-05 13:08:10

Oh, they've changed the pic, Tinker!

Probably fed up with people asking "where's his daughter"!

JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 13:08:32

is that his daughter? wow - kids grow up quick don't they!

JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 13:09:03

Jan - thought I was going doo-lally! (no jokes please!)

Janh Fri 06-May-05 13:09:09

Leo really is extremely tall for nearly 5.

cupcakes Fri 06-May-05 13:09:32

ditto twiglett - also have an almost 5 year old so as I expected!

Carla Fri 06-May-05 13:11:32

Bit but not very related -sorry- but I did ask my best pal yesterday how someone with all that weight on his shoulders can possibly find time to ...... shag????

pixel Fri 06-May-05 20:08:54

Lucycat, my ds is 5 on the 18th too!

I'm pretty sure Leo was born a couple of days later.

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