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mumsnet election - post here once only if you voted Tory

(61 Posts)
Janh Thu 05-May-05 21:38:02


ladymuck Thu 05-May-05 21:45:38

But what if I voted twice in the General Election.

Yorkiegirl Thu 05-May-05 22:03:28

Message withdrawn

tamum Thu 05-May-05 22:04:09

I was just thinking, what, 3 people Then I read the thread and saw no-one had.....

marthamoo Thu 05-May-05 22:05:20

And I just thought...

"tamum voted *Tory?! "

We're mucking up the poll, girls.

tamum Thu 05-May-05 22:06:02


lavenderrr Thu 05-May-05 22:09:33

flamin right I did

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:12:44

who me? <<looks right and left>>

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:13:16

and gobbledigook

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:13:24

and hiddentory

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:13:30

and mears

handlemecarefully Thu 05-May-05 22:13:58

So that's two then!

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:14:37

hmc - can you count or wot - how about that tenner anyway?

Janh Thu 05-May-05 22:15:36

3/4 so far by my reckoning

(don't bother looking at total posts for this one, lol)

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:17:20

and assumedname

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:17:28

and mirage

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 22:17:40

just a select few [sniff]

Forgetmenot Thu 05-May-05 22:19:34

I voted Conservative so did my dh.
Im not ashamed either.
I can't stand TB!

handlemecarefully Thu 05-May-05 22:20:18

Give it up will you JT!

Also, I can't think of any witty riposte

Satine Thu 05-May-05 22:23:31

I did, and also did as proxy voter for dh. Local candidate better bet than any of the others and really dislike TB and all the spin and weasel words. I'm not a dyed in the wool tory, though - I do try to look at policies each time and how they affect my family.

pupuce Thu 05-May-05 22:25:31

so why not lib dem Satine?

paolosgirl Thu 05-May-05 22:37:07

I did - and so did dh. We are the Scottish tory vote! DH is a true blue (accountant, poor man, Can't help it) and I've voted Tory this time (Labour last 2) as a protest.

irishbird Thu 05-May-05 22:38:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetkitty Thu 05-May-05 22:48:57

we had big 3 plus UKIP and BNP be interesting to see how may votes they got

i voted tory as a protest vote i know TB will walk it but with a smaller majority

Yorkiegirl Thu 05-May-05 22:49:11

Message withdrawn

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