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The MPs are really stressed

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FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 13:45:32


The rules were fine.

The MPs took the piss.

Apparently the media, the public and the papers are to blame.

Oh dear.

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:04:08

And now they are trying to blame their constituants for making them quit.

Aw, diddums.

[bloody hell]

claricebeansmum Fri 22-May-09 14:06:56

I couldn't believe the woman MP saying that everyone was really worried because these revelations could be pushing some MPs to suicide...urm, so what about all the people who have lost their jobs, with mortgages to pay and banks repossessing- surely we should save our sympathy for them rather than someone who's duck house could be repossessed.

I am so angry at them all. How low can they stoop?

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:08:28

I know.

I despair.

EffieGadsby Fri 22-May-09 14:11:23

Bless the dear suicidal MPs. Do you think they can claim for rope and razors? That Nadine Dorries woman is Britain's Sarah Palin - such a moron, and frightening to think she wields any sort of influence.

claricebeansmum Fri 22-May-09 14:11:30

I don't care about the rules.

What I care about is the complete lack of moral fibre and disdain for the electorate - or perhaps we should just be called "the little people" and ignored. Oh yes, we are ignored already - the whole county couldn't wait to go to war....

Jux Fri 22-May-09 14:17:37

The more the merrier. Then we might be able to get some who have an understanding of the real problems real people face as a result of their ridiculous policies, and perhaps they'll have moral fibre too.

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:36:00

It is torture apparently when the Telegraph rings them.

Snorbs Fri 22-May-09 14:55:14

FabulousBakerGirl, doesn't your heart just bleed for them? It must be so awful. Up until now I thought torture was the kind of thing that involved degradation, water-boarding and beatings that our Govt turned a blind eye to when it was our allies doing it.

Turns out that, all along, real torture is waiting to see if your name's going to be published along with details about exactly how far into the till your fingers have been found.

The next time some MP starts going on about "You've got nothing to hide if you've done nothing wrong" in relation to ID cards, I'm going to laugh very loudly in their face.

Incidentally, I've just found out that our local MP here has got a main residence not that far away but a "second home" here in St Albans itself for which she's claimed all the allowances and expenses. Yet, strangely, none of the neighbours at this second home have ever seen our MP at this "second home" - the only person they've ever seen is the MP's adult daughter who also, curiously, has registered that address as her (the daughter's) primary residence in Company House records for her business. How strange...

Why do I get the feeling that if I had committed fraud on this scale I'd be looking at the inside of a cell door or, at the very least, having to get used to there being a tag on my ankle?

OrmIrian Fri 22-May-09 14:56:27

Awww... poor lambs hmm

GypsyMoth Fri 22-May-09 14:57:51

manipulative they want us all to lay off and forget about their expenses.

i think some are near suicidal because they are worried that THEIR expenses will be next exposed.....and they might be a bit dodgy!!

ClaireDeLoon Fri 22-May-09 15:00:34

I snorted at the 'suicide' comment when I read the paper this morning too. And how the atmosphere at Westminster is awful now, if they haven't heard from an MP for a while they ring them or pop around to their office to make sure they're OK [rolls eyes]

They really don't have a clue.

Jux Fri 22-May-09 15:33:10

The atmosphere in Westminster was always awful, they just hadn't noticed how poisonous it was until now.

Metella Fri 22-May-09 15:36:23

I'll save my pity for people who actually deserve it.

funtimewincies Fri 22-May-09 19:21:00

I think that the part of my brain responsible for sympathy is currently out of order, due to being overloaded with footage of MPs whining about how they didn't break any rules. I apologise for any inconvenience and the issue will be referred to a parliamentary committee as soon as possible grin.

They'll be claiming for therapy now!

Lucia39 Sat 23-May-09 12:45:50

Nadine Dorries [she who is bleating about possible suicides in Westminster] is the MP who teamed up with the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship to try and block the upper limit on abortions when the Human Embryology Bill was going through Parliament last May. angry

Her nonsensical remark that this present situation is akin to McCarthy style witch-hunts just shows how out of touch she is. Those hounded by McCarthy were innocent people. All this hand-wringing and breast-beating by various MPs is simply because they've broken the 11th Commandment!

FabulousBakerGirl Sat 23-May-09 13:00:59

ND is also suing over the website thing the other week. IIRC DC has told her to pack it in. She is so annoying and clearly wanting to make a name for herself.

Doctor Williams is an idiot.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sat 23-May-09 13:15:49

Haaaa. Maybe they should try living the life of some of their constituents, some of the elderly who are forced to choose whether to heat their rooms or eat during the winter. Maybe they should live like a homeless person for a month, they should see how stressed they become then. It's laughable! What a bunch of tossers! hmm

Lucia39 Sat 23-May-09 13:28:51

Andrea Minichiello Williams a D.Phil? I never knew that! Wonder what her thesis was about - dino farming? grin After all she believes the world is only 4000 years old!

TsarChasm Sat 23-May-09 13:31:30

Didn't one say that people were only making a big hooha because they are jealous of his big house?grin

onagar Sat 23-May-09 14:29:23

They have no shame. To try and make us feel guilty that they got caught stealing.

I'd be glad to help if they need someone to hold the other end of the rope.

FabulousBakerGirl Sat 23-May-09 18:59:38

Yes, TsarChasm. He has said he will stand down at the next election.

They should go now.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 23-May-09 19:10:39

Actually, I do feel slightly sympathetic to them. Nadine Dorries though hmm

David Cameron is being a bit of a toad though IMO. Forcing duck-house and moat 'grandees' to stand down but not pals like Michael Gove and Andrew Mackay (I know he resigned his post, but not his seat - he's brazening that out)hmm

funtimewincies Sat 23-May-09 19:25:17

Some female MP (can't remember who) on Jezza Vine the other day was really winding me up. Her constituency is in London, so one house. Great! Except that she has another house in the Cotswolds where she 'goes when not on Westminster or constituency business' - a holiday home in other words. Nice! And she truly believed that we should be paying for this because she was entitled to a second home allowance shock.

ToughDaddy Sun 24-May-09 23:09:35

I believe that MPs HAVE done MUCH WRONG especially the fraudulent claims. I would like to say, somewhat controversially, that surely, we always knew that MPs had very liberal perks and that this was always part of the package?

So I feel that the press also knew this and therefore there is a bit of hypocrisy in the sudden outrage of the press.

The system was meant to be controlled by the "Fees Office". Apparently (allegedly) the Fees Office actually saw it as their role to phone MPs who were "underclaiming" and help them to claim their entitlements! So I do feel that the recession has changed the public mood but that the culture where their expense allowances was an extension of their salaries was well engrained.

I stress again that I think that their have done MUCH WRONG but I also feel that their is a lot of hypocrisy in SOME of the crticism. Very controversial to say so but I will risk making this point.

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