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Questions from a Technological Novice.....

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Earlybird Mon 02-May-05 21:31:45

OK, I admit's scary how much I don't know about technology today. I'm hoping that some of you can enlighten me. Coupla questions:

1. What is a blog?

2. What is podcasting? I've read about an "all podcasting radio station" due to be launched in America soon, and how it's the future of radio blah blah blah.

I have no idea about either of these things, but hope you lot can bring me out of the technological dark ages. Thanks in advance for the education!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 02-May-05 21:33:27

1. short for weblog - a kind of online diary.

2. (presumably) a radio station for ipods (mp3 players). not sure though

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 21:35:52

Podcasting is a way of publishing sound files to the Internet, users subscribe to podcasts using special software which check for and download new content. Like little mini private radio stations.

Earlybird Mon 02-May-05 21:45:16

ALright this is confusing, but helpful....who would have a blog? Where/how are they accessed? Is it a more economical/simplistic way of having your own homepage?

And regarding podcasts....can you tell me some of the companies you can subscribe to? How does a person find out about upcoming podcasts? What's the difference between podcasting and streaming? That might be a dumb question, but as I said, I'm a novice!

Earlybird Mon 02-May-05 22:20:34

And just to make it even more confusing (for me at least!), can you receive podcasting via satellite radio? Can you receive satellite radio on an Ipod? As you can see, I know the phrases, but think that even my questions are confused!

bundle Tue 03-May-05 11:11:04

re: podcasting, Radio 4's In Our Time was the first BBC one i think, and there are more to come..

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