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Just tried to call the new Swine Flu Information Hotline

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LupusinaLlamasuit Fri 01-May-09 22:16:22


We're all going to die of sense of humour failure.

I do think AporkalypseNow should be awarded a special MN prize for the name though.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 01-May-09 22:13:06

I didn't realise there was already a thread about this, so started my own blush

PuppyMonkey Thu 30-Apr-09 10:49:10

Have just had another one..

My wife ran out of petrol yesterday. I asked her why she'd not filled up earlier. She said its because she is so worried about this swine flu. I said "It started in Mexico, not Texaco."

That's terrible isn't it?

AporkalypseNow Thu 30-Apr-09 10:32:51

My eye is a bit sore...OMG, perhaps it's a sty....

PuppyMonkey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:21:58

I think we need to collect all the swine flu jokes in one thread... there are bound to be loads more! grin

PortoPandemico Thu 30-Apr-09 08:53:10


I think we need piggy emoticons!

AporkalypseNow Thu 30-Apr-09 08:47:47

lol @ puppymonkey

Have you come out in a rasher? (Copyright 100 times)

RoseOfTheOrient Thu 30-Apr-09 08:43:20

I went to the doctor today complaining of swine flu, but all he gave me was some oinkment grin

belgo Thu 30-Apr-09 08:43:01


PuppyMonkey Thu 30-Apr-09 08:39:20

..but all I got was crackling. grin

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