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tony hadley's a tory!

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bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 19:20:41

check here for celebrities' affiliations

lavenderrr Thu 21-Apr-05 19:21:21

good for him

Peachyclair Thu 21-Apr-05 19:24:38

blimey. gone off him then

lavenderrr Thu 21-Apr-05 19:26:13

no no no, he's a nice man, forget his politics just listen to that voice...could drown in it

Peachyclair Thu 21-Apr-05 19:27:33

Kinda pleased to see I vote the same as germaine Greer though- know which one I respect more.

Peachyclair Thu 21-Apr-05 19:28:46

Yeah I know that voice is .. well, it's not 9pm is it? But no, don't think it'll be the same. Oh well David Tennant! What do you vote mister?

bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 19:29:13

like the quote by liam gallagher, that it's not worth voting Tory because it might mean Phil Collins would come back to live in the UK.

Peachyclair Thu 21-Apr-05 19:35:11

Love it!

happymerryberries Thu 21-Apr-05 19:39:12

Glad so many scientists come out in favour of the lib dems!

Gobbledigook Thu 21-Apr-05 20:13:08

Oh FGS, so what?

JoolsToo Thu 21-Apr-05 20:14:19

bloody hell is he? - I'm voting Green then

happymerryberries Thu 21-Apr-05 20:30:42

GDG, nothing to be offensive about. Just that I vote Libdem and I was interested to see that other scientists felt the same! Blimey calm down a bit, I just took it as a bit of fun.

snafu Thu 21-Apr-05 20:41:44

That twat Gallagher might be enough make me vote Tory though...

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