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How long before the first "Google Street View" divorce?!?!!

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morningpaper Thu 19-Mar-09 13:49:34

Google now has street view

This is amazing! So much detail - wow!

They are supposed to have blocked out number plates but you can read around 1 in 3 very clearly on my mother-in-law's street. I'm sure it won't be long before someone finds the wrong car outside the wrong house....!

Stretch Thu 19-Mar-09 14:39:48

Leicester is noy one of the places!


bronze Thu 19-Mar-09 14:41:44

thanks KC

KingCanuteIAm Thu 19-Mar-09 14:41:48

There are 4 gas men I can see out in our town along with numerous pedestrians, none of whom are blurred out at all, you can zoom right in their faces <scowl>

KingCanuteIAm Thu 19-Mar-09 14:42:19

So what do you think bronze?

bronze Thu 19-Mar-09 14:46:13

Well it'll never cover here so it's not a worry for me. In a way its kind of cool and would be useful to get yor bearings if you're going to be going to a new place and are nervous but I can't imagine I would be happy if it could see in my windows. I think theres going to be uproar.

JackBauer Thu 19-Mar-09 14:54:06

You can't see much, but if the DD's curtains or my bedroom curtains were open you would be able to see straight into our bedrooms.
As it is you can see shadows but I know what they are.

Luckily I am not on there making obscene gesturesgrin

JackBauer Thu 19-Mar-09 14:58:52

Am rather surprised that they drove down teh pedestrianised high streethmm

There don't appear to be images of any of the sctreets around my DD's school, which is good.

Portofino Thu 19-Mar-09 15:06:00

How bizarre is that! My nan's garden looks nice!

LouIsAHappyLittleVegemite Thu 19-Mar-09 15:11:25

This was released in Australia a fiar while ago and there were so many complaints as they had captured people being arrested, pulled over by police, fights etc...All that is wrong with my house was that my housemate hadn't taken the bins in.
It is so interesting to look at places you used to live etc

Hassled Thu 19-Mar-09 15:55:56

Ha! You can see the Mad Old Witch next door coming out of her house to check for signs of people having fun

ABetaDad Thu 19-Mar-09 16:06:22

Where can I get this service... obviously I only want to look at my own house? hmm

roomforthree Thu 19-Mar-09 16:08:55

FFS - you can see into my lounge & kitchen. There are street views front & back, so if the curtains weren't closed, there would be views into all our bedrooms too! Not only do I now have to contend with the workforce of a large government agency staring into my house when they are going home, but the whole internet-world can rubberneck if they choose. Bloody ridiculous.

ChippyMinton Thu 19-Mar-09 16:11:14

OMG my PIL are walking down our street shock

UndertheBoredwalk Thu 19-Mar-09 16:24:08

Ooohh this is funny, it covers my city but not my area, am looking at my dad sat on front step doing something to my parents front door though. I just rang him and told him, he thinks it's cool, and asked if he's famous now grin

ChippyMinton Thu 19-Mar-09 16:24:26

And my car is outside my sister's house about 12 miles away. Must've been a Sunday.

I read something in the paper that one shot was taken that showed a drunken man in a heap outside his house. Clear view of him slumped in the gutter which loads of people saw before it was removed.'s+Street+View+captures+the+moment+a+drun ken+Aussie+keeled+over+outside+his+home/

MerlinsBeard Thu 19-Mar-09 16:34:30

i can't get it to work ..

theDreadPiratePerArdua Thu 19-Mar-09 16:40:00

Wow. Have just had to take a virtual walk down usual streets to make sure it hasn't caught me having a fag doing something I shouldn't...

MerlinsBeard Thu 19-Mar-09 16:42:10

This is really bizarre. I SAW the google car on streets nearby, why can i not use street view?!

I've also seen the car months ago in our town but no street view available. sad

Hassled Thu 19-Mar-09 17:19:07

Judging from the flowers in our garden, they shot our city early last Summer. So if it was only a few months ago, presumably it's still a work in progress.

UndertheBoredwalk Thu 19-Mar-09 17:19:55

I think it must take a while to get them on, the views I've looked at were all obv taken during summer time, so well over 6 months ago. They might be putting more up bit by bit

morningpaper Thu 19-Mar-09 18:39:42

If you were having an affair you would be SHITTING yourself, wouldn't you?!!!!

Love the drunken australian!!!!

Ledodgy Thu 19-Mar-09 18:49:42

I don't understand how you get it I clic k on the orange man drag him then he pings back to where he was does that mean im not covered by streetview?

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