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Unexpected baby & 8 year old midwife!

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SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 17:41:37


RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 17:43:52

Just seen them on Richard and Judy

She was brill

Yorkiegirl Fri 15-Apr-05 17:44:52

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 17:46:04

Oh, I saw that this morning and the tape has been played on the news apparently - the poor child was screaming "there's a baby coming out of mum"!


Hulababy Fri 15-Apr-05 17:46:08

What a little star! Bet she will have a great bond with her little brother.

Pruni Fri 15-Apr-05 17:48:15

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 17:49:09

There's a link to the audio files on the BBC site - but don't have the volume too high

roisin Fri 15-Apr-05 18:26:57

Oh what a fabulous child - an absolute star! She must have been terrified! I listened to the Radio 5 interview on the BBC site, including the transcript of the call: I was so shocked to hear her voice and think she's the same age as ds1! On the interview with Radio 5 Alive she sounded absolutely lovely, so polite and considerate - what a great kid!

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 18:31:09

She was lovely, wasn't she? "I'm fine thank you, how are you?" What a sweetie.

morningpaper Fri 15-Apr-05 18:38:47

Ooh that transcript nearly made me cry!

morningpaper Fri 15-Apr-05 18:40:35

Oh no I had to stop listening to the audio file on the BBC, started blubbing like a girl...

SoupDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 18:45:09

I've never worked out how these "surprise mothers" don't feel the kicking.

Great story though

CarolinaMoon Fri 15-Apr-05 18:48:22

they were on the local news last night - what an absolute star of a girl! the emergency services operator was pretty good too - incredibly calm even when the call turned from "mum's got a sore tummy" to "there's a baby coming out of mum"

apparently the mum didn't miss any periods tho, which i guess sort of explains why she didn't realise what was going on. she did have 3 kids already tho...

Tinker Fri 15-Apr-05 18:49:06

Heard this tape today - made me quite tereful since same age as my daughter

SoupDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 18:50:48

Periods aside, I used to see limbs poking out of my stomach!! She didn't look overweight from the photo either which is the usual escuse given for not feeling kicks.

SoupDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 18:51:09

What bliss though - 9 months of no preg symptoms.

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