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omg that paris hotel w as the one we stayed in

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cod Fri 15-Apr-05 07:07:34

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 15-Apr-05 07:14:03

what hotel?

WideWebWitch Fri 15-Apr-05 07:15:19

just googled, fire, how awful

cod Fri 15-Apr-05 07:39:03

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Fri 15-Apr-05 09:09:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod Fri 15-Apr-05 09:19:13

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 09:43:54


Sounds like more of a hostel than a hotel. Poor people.

Hausfrau Fri 15-Apr-05 13:39:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 16:35:06

Can you see The Guardian?

. They're saying at least 20 dead now. It sounds horrific. This is AOL's version (quite short) -

<<People jumped from windows or screamed for rescue from flames as fire roared through a Paris hotel, killing at least 18 people, including eight children, officials said.

At least 55 people were injured, 13 seriously, in the fire that was thought to have started in a first-floor breakfast room of the one-star Paris Opera hotel, in the capital's touristic 9th district, fire officials said.

Many of the guests were African. Paris City Hall had rented 26 of the six-storey hotel's rooms to temporarily house families from Africa, said fire services spokesman Laurent Vibert. The fire broke out when guests would have been sleeping, spread quickly and caused panic, he said.

"One can imagine young children, parents without their clothes, in the middle of the night, fast asleep, smoke, cries, tears," he said.

At least one person sought refuge on the burning roof, screaming and waving frantically for rescue as flames poured from windows and fire officers scrambled up ladders. Two others yelled for help from the window of a burning room. A fire officer cradled an infant in his arms as he carried him to safety, amid jets of water from fire hoses that doused the flames.

The injured came from France, the US, Portugal, Senegal, Tunisia, Ukraine and Ivory Coast, Paris police said. Vibert said a Canadian also was slightly injured. The nationalities of the dead were not given.

Fire officials said some people jumped out of windows to escape flames and choking smoke.

Chakib San, who lives in an adjacent building, said he was awakened by cries of "Fire! Fire!". He said he saw three people jump, including a woman and a child who lay motionless after hitting the ground.

"They were on the ground. They weren't moving," he said. "Everyone was screaming," he added. "There were bodies in the road.">>

ggglimpopo Fri 15-Apr-05 17:04:42

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 19-Apr-05 12:45:23

cod, it was on the same street as the hotel we stayed in for my 40th a couple of weeks ago. very very sad.

ggglimpopo Tue 19-Apr-05 12:50:31

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 19-Apr-05 13:48:12

ggglimpopo Tue 19-Apr-05 16:50:22

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Tue 19-Apr-05 16:51:33

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Tue 19-Apr-05 16:52:07

Message withdrawn

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