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Isla Fisher interview in today's Metro - "What's your addiction?" "Breastfeeding!"

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spicemonster Fri 20-Feb-09 10:02:11

"I do intend to stop before Olive goes to university but I'm not promising."

I like her much more now. (She is an actress who was in Home & Away and is engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen)

Nontoxic Fri 20-Feb-09 10:04:29

Yes, I like her too. She was gushing about bf in one of the Sundays not long ago.

And she was fab in The Wedding Crashers.

SnowlightMcKenzie Fri 20-Feb-09 10:12:04

I've always liked her. Very sensible.

I liked the interview where she says she is such a bad shopper. She hates it and comes home with something that doesn't go with anything she already owns.

It's refreshing for a celeb to not pretend they are super-trendy and always pefectly turned out and pretend to set the fashions for the lesser public.

Also doesn't seem to be using her engagement as a career move like most other celebs.

TheThoughtPolice Fri 20-Feb-09 10:29:46

She seems very normal and sweet. Thanks goodness she didn't end up marrying Darren Gonorrhea Day

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 10:31:01

she has that horrible american twang to her voice now though

Nontoxic Fri 20-Feb-09 10:35:38

Isn't she American then?

spicemonster Fri 20-Feb-09 10:38:37

She's Scottish! But she moved to Australia when she was 9 but now lives mostly in LA.

God I sound like a stalker blush

wilbur Fri 20-Feb-09 10:45:56

I have a soft spot for her as she once got me out of a bind with work - I had to get some "celeb" comments for an article I was writing and she was one of the very few people who agreed to answer my questions and sent me a nice fax full of all the stuff I needed. Saved my life at the time and I will always heart her for it.

OrmIrian Fri 20-Feb-09 10:48:17


verygreenlawn Fri 20-Feb-09 12:35:52

Oh me too, though my MIL views it more as a vice - she's always asking when I'm planning to give up that "filthy habit".

Not sure about "Olive" though, makes me think of On The Buses!

mm22bys Fri 20-Feb-09 16:29:34

She's an Aussie!

She is playing Becky in "Confessions of a Shopaholic". They moved it from London to NY though...

I am not a stalker, but "know" her from H&A, and the preview was at Leicester Square the other night. She wasn't asked about her addictions then though!

Fleurlechaunte Fri 20-Feb-09 16:38:53

She is Australian, I remember her from "Home and Away". I feel very old.

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