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Victorian bushfires appeal.

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lulalullabye Fri 13-Feb-09 01:53:01

Hello everybody. This is just a little nudge for anybody who feels that they would like to donate to the Victorian bushfire appaeal.

As you all probably know, the fires are still burning and countless people have lost the lives, relatives and homes. There are also a large amount of severely burnt patients in hospital who are still unconcious.

All help is greatly appreciated and the Red Cross in Australia are the charity supporting this.

You can donate directly to the Australian Red cross bushfire appeal by visiting Obviously any amount will be greatly recieved.


superloopy Fri 13-Feb-09 05:54:29

Nice one Lula!

I saw on the news today that over 1800 houses have been destroyed - unbelievable!!

Where do you even start rebuilding homes and lives...

Thank goodness for the Red Cross, they are doing a wonderful job!

lulalullabye Fri 13-Feb-09 07:56:18

I did volunteer as at present I am a not working emergency nurse but they have not replied as yet. I guess the need for medical help is over now thank goodness.

I read today about 7 patients that are in the burns unit at the Alfred and they are unconcious with sedation. They will wake them up next week and tell them the news of their families sad

lulalullabye Fri 13-Feb-09 19:29:28


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