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Hamas seize blankets and food parcels from UN aid agency

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Bubble99 Wed 04-Feb-09 18:33:25

Reuters report here

WinkyWinkola Wed 04-Feb-09 19:32:04

But wait, isn't Hamas the saviour of the Palestinian people?

It's not funny how the poorest and weakest get screwed over and over again. And for what? For exercising their democratic preference.

Go Hamas go. You're shooting yourselves in the foot as well as those who didn't vote for you.

ANamesANameForAThatsTaken Wed 04-Feb-09 21:14:40

Well Hamas fire their weapons from schools and hospitals, so what's taking blankets and food away from poor and vulnerable palestinian people compared to that.

Sullwah Thu 05-Feb-09 13:34:37

It's all Israels fault.

If they had not done [XYZ] then Hamas would not have had to steal redistribute the blankets and food parcels from the UN.

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