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Elections: Mrs Charles Kennedy (lib Dem) due mid-April

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pupuce Wed 06-Apr-05 13:55:30

Just wondered what our thoughts were on this - she must 39 weeks... the BBC says CK will take some paternity leave...

bossykate Wed 06-Apr-05 13:56:22

my thoughts are poor mrs k!

pupuce Wed 06-Apr-05 13:57:06

are you back to your old nickname?

bossykate Wed 06-Apr-05 13:58:03


puddle Wed 06-Apr-05 14:01:20

It said Charles would take two days in the Guardian this am. Feel sorry for both of them to be honest - wonder how it will play with the voters though if charlie is pictured with wee baby and tired but radiant wife days before polling?

pupuce Wed 06-Apr-05 14:02:57

I don't think it will matter to be honest. But she has all my sympathy as it will be difficult for her hubby to take any time off...

piffle Wed 06-Apr-05 14:36:46

Bless her! Hopefully she has lots of family help and suport though.

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