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Supernanny - new series

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Janos Wed 06-Apr-05 10:50:20

I saw this last night. OMG, what awful children!! Truly frightening that lack of discipline could have such horrific results. Did anyone else watch this? What did you think?

hunkermunker Wed 06-Apr-05 10:51:19

There's a thread here which I think you might find agrees with you totally!

Janos Wed 06-Apr-05 10:56:58

Cheers hunkermunker, didn't spot that one!

Lara2 Wed 06-Apr-05 11:18:44

I saw it - my children aren't angels - ADHD and asperger's- but these children were JUST awful. They were crying out for someone to be in charge. Wouldn't you have 'loved' living next door to them???!!!

Janos Wed 06-Apr-05 13:47:24

Yep lara2 I saw what they were throwing over the fence! the language was absolutely vile. I have to wonder where they picked it up from.

I did end up feeling sorry for their mum.

bardsey Thu 07-Apr-05 13:13:00

what happened at the end, did the mum keep it up or not? I missed the last twenty minutes!

chipmonkey Thu 07-Apr-05 14:04:37

As regards their appalling language, as my granny would say, " they didn't lick it off the ground." The mum did manage to keep it up, luckily enough for her and the rest of the world who come in contact with those kids.

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