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Charles and Camilla Merchandise....

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SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:05:11

I know there has been a thread on here already about the Pope and the Royal wedding. I've just heard on the news that there is a nightmare going on with the Charles and Camilla merchandise that has been prepared for the wedding. Now they have changed the wedding date - all the merchandise has the wrong date on. OMG - what a nightmare. Don't know what they are going to do with it all. . PMSL

lucy5 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:06:24

what a pity hahaha!

sorrel Mon 04-Apr-05 23:08:55

just saw it on the news: the teatowels with the wrong date. pmsl lol

SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:09:31

Wicked aren't we?? - it is bloody funny though.

lucy5 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:12:08

i must admit I chuckled when I saw the advert for the royal wedding on tv, hardly charles and di, is it, more like horse of the year show, miaow!

SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:20:45

Haven't seen that - will look out for it.

SPARKLER1 Tue 05-Apr-05 08:59:15

marthamoo Tue 05-Apr-05 09:01:13

The stuff with the wrong date on will probably be worth a small fortune on Antiques Roadshow one day.

LIZS Tue 05-Apr-05 09:02:16

mieow, lucy5 ! However when it came up last night that the "celebrations" might clash with coverage of the Grand National dh and I did wonder whether anyone would really mind, what with Camilla, Princes Anne .....

Hulababy Tue 05-Apr-05 20:51:45

Apparantly the stuff with the 8th on are already selling for a fair bit above their originall RRP on e-bay; but the ones to get are the stuff with no actual date (they just say April 2005) on. There was a very small production run of about 200-400 of these and s will be quite a rarity and will be the most sought after in years to come.

darlingbud Tue 05-Apr-05 20:57:48

they are apparently binning it all but I have heard that the wrong dated stuff will be more collectable than the proper date stuff in the future.

JanH Tue 05-Apr-05 21:00:22

Dunno about binning it all - after yesterday's anouncement the stuff was flying off the shelves in Windsor.

It's an ill wind

bubble99 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:15:40

Apparently there's an official Camilla HRT pill packet holder- with the engagaement photo of her on the cover.

Caligula Tue 05-Apr-05 21:22:33

You have got to making that up Bubble!

Hulababy Tue 05-Apr-05 21:32:58

E-bay listings (8/4/05):

4 bookmarks - already at £32
4 coasters - £21.50
1 place mat - £33
Royal Mail stamp poster - £51
Mug - £36 (think these were about £12-13 new)

bubble99 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:37:47

I kid you not. It's sold alongside the "Camilla Paker Blowes" hand held fan for dealing with those embarrasing hot flushes.

bubble99 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:39:43

Who buys this stuff anyway? Sorry Hula if you've already put your bids in

Hulababy Tue 05-Apr-05 21:41:22

Er....not me! Only looking for MN research. Actually heard about the ebay successes on radio 2 on way home today.

JanH Tue 05-Apr-05 21:45:48

Is it me or are all these actually home-made? Same feeble b&w pic on all of them.

Mugs ahoy!

JanH Tue 05-Apr-05 21:47:01

Crappy laminated bookmarks - "only 200 produced" - yeah? By whom?

bubble99 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:47:06

Thought not. Had you down as far too funky for dolly loo roll covers and the like

Hulababy Tue 05-Apr-05 21:48:54

LOL bubble

They do look so rubbishy don't they? Why not e-mail them as an interested party and ask for more info???

JanH Tue 05-Apr-05 21:51:53


We all have computers and printers don't we? Some of us have laminators? Get in there!

Hulababy Tue 05-Apr-05 21:54:25

People are buying too!!!

bubble99 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:57:01

One of the dad's at DS' school works as a buyer for a mail order company which sells those things that you see in the back of Sunday tabloid magazines (not that I ever read them ) I asked him how he can bring himself to be responsible for selling such tat. He said that they have product approval meetings where he and his team sit around a table cringing at just how awful this stuff is.
Huge apologies to any mnetters who are at this point stroking their Queen Mother commemorative loo roll holders and saying "But I think you're lurvely"
A large majority of their orders come from The Midlands, apparently.

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