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Why does Dubya (Good bye and good riddance) claim to be a good ole' boy from Texas, when he is from somewhere ridiculously WASPy like Maine.

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moondog Wed 21-Jan-09 09:25:40


Is it vicarioulsy via Laura?

chocolatedot Wed 21-Jan-09 09:41:18

He was born in Connecticut but raised in Houston

TheCrackFox Wed 21-Jan-09 09:46:23

He is twat, after 8 years of him I would have thought you could have worked that one out for yourself Moonie. wink

AtheneNoctua Wed 21-Jan-09 10:10:14

Thought he grew up in Midland? He certainly talks and thinks more like a Texan than a North Easterner. We are ginna get those folks" is definitely Texan.

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