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Lee Bowyer - the original poison dwarf

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JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 13:59:28

Have a look at these pictures - specifically no. 2 and no. 5.

He is such a nasty little oik.

SeaShells Sun 03-Apr-05 14:08:42

Saw it on TV last night, shocking behaviour esp. from a premier league footballer who should know better.

RTMTMML Sun 03-Apr-05 14:10:03

that's the problem seashells, he doesn't know better!

TwoIfBySea Sun 03-Apr-05 21:46:28

Has he not always been a nasty piece of work? I know nothing of football but didn't he beat up some poor Asian lad because he was Asian?

These thugs get so much money, they end up thinking they can do as they please as they get away with it when it comes down to being punished.

JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 21:48:53

They managed to get off the "because he was Asian" charge.

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Apr-05 21:49:49

Message withdrawn

jodee Sun 03-Apr-05 21:51:00

Does anyone know what pathetic reason they had for fighting in the first place?

JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 21:51:34

Dyer failed to pass the ball, twice.

JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 21:52:30

NB Dyer didn't actually fight as such but he raised his arms (in self defence) and in football if you raise your arms you're off. He may win an appeal.

paolosgirl Sun 03-Apr-05 21:54:35

And does anyone have any idea why the FA and the SFA turn a blind eye to this behaviour? They are just as bad IMO. Convicted criminals should just not be allowed to play - simple as that. Too many young lads look up to these players and see them getting away with murder - literally on occasions.

jodee Sun 03-Apr-05 21:55:52

Thanks Jan. He must have had a bit of contact with Bowyer though, his shirt was torn to shreds!

JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 21:57:58

Newcastle fans' opinions

Is this even worse? Playing with electronic tag?

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