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the Pope has died

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sparklymieow Sat 02-Apr-05 21:13:13

RTMTMML Sat 02-Apr-05 21:14:21

I'm not Catholic but I still find it sad. I remember him becoming Pope!

fairyfly Sat 02-Apr-05 21:14:45


expatinscotland Sat 02-Apr-05 21:16:01

I hope he found death a blessing, after such a long illness.

He was a man of principle, who lived for what he believed in and took his duty seriously.

I did not agree with some of his views, but as w/Queen Elizabeth, I have admiration for his (and her) great sense of duty and respect for the post.

pixiefish Sat 02-Apr-05 21:17:45


emmatmg Sat 02-Apr-05 21:19:10

Just saw this on the news and hoped someone would start a thread, I could think of a title
that didn't seem a bit harsh or disrespectful as I'm not religious.

Why FF?

Nemo1977 Sat 02-Apr-05 21:19:33

god bless his soul
He was a strong man to have continued for so long and obviously very devoted

emmatmg Sat 02-Apr-05 21:19:42

could'NT think of a thread

pixiefish Sat 02-Apr-05 21:20:33

emma- ff is catholic so this will affect her- that's why she swore

emmatmg Sat 02-Apr-05 21:21:58

Oh, I see.

Cadbury Sat 02-Apr-05 21:23:28

a real man of God

jampots Sat 02-Apr-05 21:25:47

oh very sad . Really liked the Pope and I agree, a real man of principle and integrity.

Will go to church tomorrow (am RC) but dont usually.

KathH Sat 02-Apr-05 21:32:51

i feel really sad - am really suprised that i feel like this. I'm an RC but very lapsed! I remember the excitement at primary school when he visited Coventry and there were bus loads of people from our church (in Leicester) going. We got a plaque from school to commemerate (sp?) his visit.

bossykate Sat 02-Apr-05 21:35:41

i'm rc and my main feeling now is hoping they elect a social justice type liberal for the job now and not a right wing opus dei type reactionary.

fairyfly Sat 02-Apr-05 21:37:08

I think it sums up a lot that while the vatican is making a live speech the football result are displayed below him

sorry for swearing, it was genuinly a quick sense of panic, no disrespect intended

misdee Sat 02-Apr-05 21:37:53

expatinscotland Sat 02-Apr-05 21:42:47

Same here, Kate!

swiperfox Sat 02-Apr-05 21:52:29

Blimey he's been pope for my entire life. V sad. Bless him.

pixiefish Sat 02-Apr-05 21:57:38

I remember the white smoke alst time- I was about 8 then

nikcola Sat 02-Apr-05 22:00:18

milge Sat 02-Apr-05 22:05:28

rest in peace

expatinscotland Sat 02-Apr-05 22:08:59

I remember both the black smoke and the white.

jampots Sat 02-Apr-05 22:12:53

Kath we have spoons to commemorate the Pope visiting Coventry. My dad was a helper of some description during the visit.

jampots Sat 02-Apr-05 22:13:26

didnt the previous Pope literally live only for a few days after being announced Pope?

expatinscotland Sat 02-Apr-05 22:14:13

His papacy lasted about a month.

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