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The original 'Dirty Old Man' - shocking!

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JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 17:19:48

words fail me!

haggered Thu 31-Mar-05 17:47:45

yuk yuk yuk.......

sunnyskies Thu 31-Mar-05 17:49:56

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 18:14:33

"The man claimed he did not know his actions were against the law, and that several parents in the Philippines had allowed him to carry out sexual activities with their children."


mummytosteven Thu 31-Mar-05 18:15:40

yes that was a particularly unpleasant bit in the article wasn't it JT?

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 18:17:47

don't think 'unpleasant' is quite the word!

lou33 Thu 31-Mar-05 18:51:50

I hope he dies in prison as someone's bitch tbh

WideWebWitch Thu 31-Mar-05 20:59:35

I wish I hadn't read the link

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 21:03:24

sickening absolutely sickening.

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